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Leadership and Service Center


In service-learning, your education is connected to meaningful, hands-on community service. This rewarding method of learning can prepare you for life as part of a greater community.

Learning embedded with the Carolinian Creed.

Service-learning is mutually rewarding for participants and participating organizations. Students enjoy a sense of community connection while living out the principles of the Carolina Creed in their day-to-day life. Service recipients benefit from professional insight and fresh thinking. 

The hands-on tasks of service transform real-world concerns into avenues for educational growth. The courses, which are an opportunity to test, observe or prove concepts and skills, also can help students earn Graduation with Leadership Distinction (GLD). Service-learning helps prepare students to be full, responsible participants in both their profession and their communities.

The Effects of Service-Learning

Growing research shows that service-learning can have significant positive effects on many areas of students' lives, including:

  • Academic performance
  • Values
  • Self-efficacy
  • Leadership
  • Choice of a service career
  • Plans to participate in service after college
  • Increased degree of interest in subject matter

Fall 2018 Service-Learning Courses

Instructor of Record Course Prefix & Number Section(s)
Olga V Ivashkevich  ARTE 530  All Sections 
Jennifer Pournelle  ENVR 331  All Sections 
Lara Ducate GERM 295 H10
Lara Ducate  GERM 401P  All Sections 
Brie Turner-Mcgrievy  HPEB 502  Sections 001 & H01 
Christine Blake  HPEB 679  All Sections 
Annette L Hoover  HRTM 362  All Sections 
Karen Patten  ITEC 101  All Sections 
TBD  ITEC 544  All Sections 
Karen Patten  ITEC 564  Sections 001 & 002 
Lisa Sisk  JOUR 531  Section 004 
Ernest Grigg  JOUR 537  All Sections 
Kim Priode and Joan Creed NURS 431 All Sections
Shelley Jones PALM 495 All Sections
Alex Blauvelt PUBH 498 All Sections
John Grego SCHC 312 Section H01
Joe Jones SCHC 389 Section H01
Bobby Donaldson SCHC 425 Section H03
Julia Elliott SCHC 485 H01
Alanna M. Breen SPAN 305 All Sections
Carla Swygert SPAN 360 All Sections
Jabari Bodrick UNIV 101 Section 034
Colin Crick UNIV 101 Section 160
Mary Baskin Waters WGST 112 Section H01
Dawn Michelle Campbell WGST 499 All Sections

Service-Learning Yearly Overview

Each year we work to assess and report the impact of service-learning initiatives for our students, faculty and community.

2016-2017 Service-Learning Overview [pdf]
2015-16 Service-Learning Overview [pdf]

2014-15 Service-Learning Overview [pdf]
2013-14 Service-Learning Overview [pdf]



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