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Leadership and Service Center


CarolinaLEAD is a comprehensive leadership education initiative designed to help students explore, define and practice leadership development.

Educating tomorrow's leaders, today.

CarolinaLEAD is a leadership education program for students consisting of four, eight-week leadership development programs. Whatever your leadership comfort level is, we can help you build on your skills with programs ranging from introductory leadership to organizational leadership.

CarolinaLEAD Programs

Learn more about program instruction and expectations as well as who benefits most from each. If you have questions about whether CarolinaLEAD is right for you, just contact us so we can help you.

Close Family Emerging Leaders Program

The Close Family Emerging Leaders Program is an eight-week introduction to leadership that explores various aspects of leadership and helps students understand what it means to be a leader at the University of South Carolina. Participants learn more about themselves, enhance their skills, and develop a plan to exercise leadership on campus and in the community.

Who should participate?
All students are welcome to participate. The program content is most beneficial to first-year, sophomore, or transfer students who wish to enhance their leadership through developing stronger connections to the campus community.

What can participants expect to learn?
The program is intended to help participants enhance their ability to exercise leadership, develop skills that assist in leading others, and create an action plan to assist you in applying your leadership skills during your time at UofSC.

When does it meet?
Students will meet in the Russell House University Union once a week on a set day and time for the last eight weeks of the semester. Visit on Garnet Gate to see specific days and times.

How do I register?
Visit on Garnet Gate to register. Login with your USC username and password, then complete the form. Registering takes less than five minutes!

Service Leaders Program

The Service Leadership course is a semester-long academic course designed to help students enhance their knowledge of servant leadership, learn how to create meaningful community service projects, and explore service outside of the collegiate environment.

Who should participate? 
All students are welcome to participate. Students must enroll in the course and have access to transportation.

Course Title:
Service Leadership Course
Section Number: 001

When does it meet?
Fall 2018, Wednesdays from 10:50-11:40 a.m.

Organizational Leaders Program

The Organizational Leaders Program is an eight-week leadership education program designed to provide students who are currently in an organization the necessary skills and experiences that will help them to become successful leaders within those organizations. Throughout the course, participants will engage in discussions and activities centered on peer leadership, conflict management, motivation, team building and facilitation.

Who should participate?
All students are welcome to participate. The program will be especially helpful for students who have recently accepted a leadership position within an organization or student leaders who currently hold leadership positions. 

What can participants expect to learn?
The program is intended to help you understand and practice basic organizational leadership theory; articulate one’s own identity, leadership style, and strengths as it relates to being an organizational leader; and develop a toolbox of technical skills that are relevant to successfully overseeing a student organization such as running meetings and elections, resolving conflict, and encouraging and supporting team members.

When does it meet?
Students will meet once a week on a set day and time.


When I signed up to participate in the Close Family Emerging Leaders Program I expected to add some more lines to my resume, I didn't expect to change my whole view on leadership.

— Annalise Bowen