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Leadership and Service Center

Students registering other students to vote.

Civic Engagement

The LSC equips students to positively impact their communities through self-exploration and connections. We believe that being civically engaged helps students become responsible, educated citizens in local, national and global communities.

I will discourage bigotry, while striving to learn from differences in people, ideas and opinions. 

-Carolinian Creed


Statement of Nonpartisanship

The Leadership and Service Center’s involvement in civic engagement is a nonpartisan effort. Our initiatives are meant to encourage informed and active participation in government, increase understanding of public issues, and create a culture of civic education and advocacy. The Leadership and Service Center does not support nor oppose any candidates for office or political party. As a center we recognize that it is unlikely for individual members of our team to be entirely nonpartisan with their personal views. Despite this, we find strength from this diversity of opinions and thoughts, rather than weakness. To balance our political ideologies, we intentionally select students from across the political spectrum in hopes of representing everyone.


Get Involved

Looking to be a more active citizen? Join the Civic Learning Education and Action Team (CLEAT), a group of students committed to enhancing year-round civic education and action on our campus. CLEAT aims to cultivate fundamental principles for deliberation, and analyze systems of power in order to plan and engage in public action. Contact Carly Zerr for more information. 


Issues and Fact-Checking Resources