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Leadership and Service Center


The Leadership and Service Center offers students a unique opportunity to meet one-on-one with a leadership coach. Our coaches can help you no matter where you are in your college career.

Create a meaningful leadership experience.

Whether you are looking to start your involvement journey, looking to do something new, trying to make sense of what you have already done, or just want to bounce some ideas off someone, we are here to help you chart your own course and have meaningful experiences that will help you achieve your after-graduation goals.

Schedule an Appointment


Undergraduate Students

  1. Visit and log in.
  2. Select Make an Appointment, then select Involvement & Engagement.
  3. Next select Leadership Coaching unless you are scheduling a Graduation with Leadership Distinction appointment. In that case, select GLD Intro Meeting.
  4. Select the location Leadership and Service Center, and select a coach.
  5. Select an appointment time that fits your schedule.
  6. Confirm appointment details and in the Additional Details window, share why you're scheduling the appointment.
  7. Select Confirm Appointment to finalize your appointment.


Graduate Students

Email with your availability across several days to request a leadership coaching appointment. Provide a brief statement sharing why you are scheduling the appointment.


Leadership Coaches

Meet with a member of our leadership coaching team.