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Leadership and Service Center

  • An LSC coach meets with a student.


The Leadership and Service Center offers students a unique opportunity to meet one-on-one with a professional staff member. Our staff can help you, no matter where you are in your college career.

Create a meaningful leadership experience.

Whether you are looking to start your involvement journey, wanting to learn more about yourself, gain insight and advice for your student organization, or just want to bounce some ideas off someone, we are here to help you chart your own course and have meaningful experiences that will help you achieve your goals.


Types of Leadership Coaching Appointments

Involvement Coaching

Schedule to gain a greater understanding of involvement opportunities that match your interests at USC.

Student Organization Coaching 

Schedule to identify your organization’s needs and discuss possibilities to further your organization’s growth, including finance, SG funding, and event planning/management.

Service and Civic Engagement Coaching

Schedule to learn how you can become more engaged within the USC and Columbia community.

Peer Leader 1:1 Coaching

Schedule if you serve as a peer leader of the Leadership and Service Center and need to meet 1:1 with your supervisor or advisor.

General Leadership Coaching

If none of the appointment types above apply to your circumstance, use this tag in Pathfinder to schedule a meeting with an LSC staff member. These appointments could include general discussions about your involvement in student organizations, leadership, service, or civic engagement.

Schedule an Appointment


Undergraduate Students

  1. Visit and log in.
  2. Select Make an Appointment, then select Involvement & Engagement.
  3. Next select Leadership Coaching unless you are scheduling a Graduation with Leadership Distinction appointment. In that case, select GLD Intro Meeting.
    • Select the type of Leadership Coaching appointment that most applies to you, based on the descriptions above.
  4. Select the location Leadership and Service Center, and select a staff member.
  5. Select an appointment time that fits your schedule.
  6. Confirm appointment details and in the Additional Details window, share why you're scheduling the appointment.
  7. Select Confirm Appointment to finalize your appointment.


Graduate Students

Email with your availability across several days to request a leadership coaching appointment. Provide a brief statement sharing why you are scheduling the appointment, including the type of appointment you are requesting from the list above.

Coaching Staff 

Meet with a member of our leadership coaching team.

Headshot of Jamie Ayres

Jamie Ayres  


Safe Zone Trained

Involvement, Student Organizations, and General Leadership 

Headshot of Joshua Cauble

Joshua Cauble  


Safe Zone Trained

Involvement, Student Organizations, and General Leadership  

Headshot of Mai Francis

Mai Francis  


Involvement, Student Organizations, and General Leadership


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