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Leadership and Service Center

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Start an Organization

Even with more than 600 student organizations, there's plenty of room for others. Launching a new student organization is an effort on your part but it can be a very rewarding experience, too.

Get your new organization underway

Once you've checked out Garnet Gate, the first step is to complete a Student Organization Intent Form. The intent form for the 2024-2025 academic year will be available from July 22nd, 2024 - April 28th, 2025. Completing this form helps us learn more about the organization you want to start on campus and ensures that we send you the most useful resource guide. Please note that only students at the University of South Carolina can start a student organization.


Start-up Checklist

Here's what you can expect your path to be as you begin your organization:

  1. Review Starting a New Organization handbook.
  2. Complete the New Student Organization Intent Form.
    • After you submit an Intent Form, you will receive an email from the Leadership and Service Center with resources, guides, and the application link for Garnet Gate. In the meantime, please continue to the checklist below so you are ready to go!
  3. Recruit seven members.
  4. Create a constitution/governing document for your organization.
  5. Complete a Garnet Gate application.
  6. Await feedback from the Leadership and Service Center.
  7. Receive approval for new organization.
    • Please note: if your intent form does not meet the above requirements or you need to submit additional information to complete your application, you will receive an email and the version of the intent form you submitted will be "returned for revision". This is not a denial of your organization. You will  receive detailed information on what information is required to re-submit your intent form for approval.
  8. Make sure your members accept their membership in Garnet Gate.

We can help.

If you've submitted and would like to know more about your application progress email

If you need additional assistance you can schedule an optional coaching appointment. 

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