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Leadership and Service Center

  • Student Government executive officers

    Executive Officers 2018-2019

    Welcome to campus new and returning Gamecocks!

  • Carolina Closet opens

    Carolina Closet

    The Carolina Closet is now open in a new location in Blatt PE center! The closet is open Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 1-5 p.m. or by appointment.

  • The Executive Cabinet’s role is to advise and act on behalf of the Student Body President on various matters and affairs relating to the duties of each member’s respective position.

    Executive Cabinet

    The Executive Cabinet’s role is to advise and act on behalf of the Student Body President on various matters and affairs relating to the duties of each member’s respective position.

  • Students visit with other SEC students.

    SEC Exchange

    This July, University of South Carolina SG attended the SEC Exchanged hosted by the University of Kentucky and walked away with two awards for Student Sustainability Fund and Stigma Free USC.

  • Students post with a chalkboard covered in body positive statements.

    Stigma Free USC

    Stigma Free USC is dedicated to breaking the stigma surrounding mental health on USC’s campus. This year's week included events such as an "I Weigh" board that promoted body positivity.

Student Government

Student Government works closely with university administration, faculty and staff to represent the interests of students, preserve and protect the traditions @UofSC, and support students and student organizations in their academic and community endeavors.

Meet the Candidates and VOTE Feb. 26-27

Below are the platforms for your 2019-2020 Student Government candidates based on what position they are seeking. Check out what each candidate stands for, and remember to Spur the Vote and have your voice heard in this year's elections!

Executive Offices [pdf]
College of Arts and Sciences [pdf]
Darla Moore School of Business [pdf]
College of Education [pdf]
College of Engineering and Computing [pdf]
College of Hospitality, Restaurant, and Tourism Mgmt [pdf]
College of Mass Communications [pdf]
College of Nursing [pdf]
College of Pharmacy [pdf]
College of Social Work [pdf] 


Executive Officers

Taylor Wright

Taylor Wright, President

Taylor Wright is a senior public health major in the Arnold School of Public Health and is also pursuing a minor in business administration.

Read how Taylor is working to help every student feel welcome and involved


Phone: 803-777-3851
Download bio [pdf]

Office Hours

Monday: 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.
Tuesday: 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Wednesday: 9 a.m.-1 p.m.
Thursday: 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.


K.C. Ward
Chief of Staff

Brice Smoker
Dep. Chief of Staff

Peyton Moore
Chief Advisor

Greer Schneider
Press Secretary

Meoshay Jefferson

Jenna Allen
Chief Implementation Officer

Amber Jackson
Dir. of External Affairs

Abby Meister
Dir. of Membership Engagement & Recruitment


Frank Halloran
Attorney General

Bennett Lunn
Secretary of Academics

Karis Casterline
Secretary of Alumni Relations

Aaron Greenberg
Secretary of Athletics

Hanna Powers
Secretary of Athlete Relations

Annie Guttman
Secretary of Campus Outreach

Luke Rankin
Secretary of Campus Outreach

Ngozi Chukwueke
Secretary of Community Relations

Lyric Swinton
Secretary of Inclusion and Equity

Rebecca Early
Secretary of Environmental Affairs

Audra Knight
Secretary of First Year Involvement

Taylor Bradley
Secretary of Government Relations

Erin Woods
Secretary of Greek Affairs

Zach Goldberg
Secretary of Greek Affairs

Katie Cohen
Secretary of Health and Wellness

Tory Armstrong
Secretary of Safety and Transportation

Chloe Rafferty
Secretary of Student Services

Alec Giakas
Secretary of University Relations

Brooks Herring
Secretary of Veterans Affairs


Anna Jones
Deputy of Academics

Campbell Mims
Deputy of Alumni Relations

Harrison Freeman
Deputy of Athlete Relations

Ben Jenkins
Deputy of Athletics

Carley Bishop
Deputy of Community Relations

Quadri Bell
Deputy of Diversity and Inclusion

Jentry Ward
Deputy of Environmental Affairs

Christian Trimarchi
Deputy of Government Relations

Samantha Mayberry
Deputy of Greek Affairs

Sahib Dev
Deputy of Safety and Transportation

Yash Verma
Deputy of Safety and Transportation

Mason Luff
Deputy of Student Services

Sarah Riesenberger
Deputy of University Relations


Health & Wellness

Sara Ness

Rebecca Ostien

Darby Nugent

Community Relations

Anthony Abate

Christal Harvin

Diversity & Inclusion

Jalen Williams

Emily Babb
Univeristy Initiatives

Alisa Parker

First Year Involvment

Kristin Berntsen

Ian Villavicencio 


Mills Hayes

Mills Hayes, Vice President

Mills Hayes is a senior broadcast journalism and political science major from Lexington, South Carolina.


Phone: 803-777-5065
Download bio [pdf]

Office Hours

M-F: by appointment


Sophie Davish
Chief of Staff

Chase Floyd
Dep. Chief of Staff

Harrison Chewning
Chief Advisor

Issy Rushton
Press Secretary

Shannen Cloherty
Director of Programming

Regan Cintron
Liaison to Programs

Hunter Sox
Deputy Cockstock Director


Emerson Odagis

Emerson Odagis, Treasurer

Emerson Odagis is a junior finance and global supply chain and operations management major in the Darla Moore School of Business. He is also pursuing a minor in Spanish and data analytics.


Phone: 803-777-3857
Download bio [pdf]

Office Hours

Mondays and Wednesdays: 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Tuesdays and Thursdays: 11 a.m.-3 p.m.
Fridays: Senate Finance Committee 2:30-5 p.m.


Colin Hungerpiller
Chief of Staff

Lauren Flintom
Chief Advisor

Kate Lewis
Director of Operations

Claire Roper

Austin Smith

Hailey McCormick

Sophia Boden


Patrick Ellis

Patrick Ellis, Speaker of the Senate 

Patrick Ellis is a junior in the Honors College studying political science, sociology and economics. 


Phone: 803-777-3852
Download bio [pdf]

Office Hours

Monday: 10 a.m.-1:30 p.m.
Wednesday: 10 a.m.-1:30 p.m.
Friday: 10 a.m.-2 p.m.


Davis Latham
Chief of Staff

Emma White
Director of External Affairs

Jackson Bennett
Director of External Affairs

Natalia Alves Dias Martins
Legislative Aide

Brandon Lynch
Legislative Aide

Erica Mijon
Press Secretary

Jacob Smith

Mateo Pierce-Mosquera




Leadership Opportunities


The executive cabinet serves as an advisory board to the student body president and is comprised of students seeking to better the university through their particular areas of concentration. They meet weekly with the full cabinet and various times throughout the semester to work on their own personal projects and endeavors. Cabinet members address a wide array of issues concerning parking, housing, safety, institutional affairs, health and more.

Communications Team 

The Student Government Communications Team serves as the foremost advisors to the Student Body Executive Officers on communications, media relations, public relations, and specific policy stances. The team consists of graphic designers, photographers, videographers and more that help promote Student Government programs and initiatives through external communications. Follow student government at @UofSCSG on all social media platforms.

Mary-Paige McLaurin

Director of Communications

Aisling Batchender
Graphic Designer

Bri Childs

Bri Hamlin

Emma Fogarty
Graphic Designer

Farley Wickre
Graphic Designer

Lily Bardon

Qhira Bonds

Sandy Tang
Graphic Designer

Sydney Pitvorec
Graphic Designer

Constitutional Council

Constitutional Council (CC) is the Judicial Branch of Student Government. Consisting of four Associate Justices and one Chief Justice, the Council maintains the Student Government Codes and Constitution, and interprets them when there is a dispute on their meaning. The CC can also resolve internal disputes about the governing documents of student organizations.

Constitutional Council

Submit Case


Brochure [pdf]

Elections Commission

The Elections Commission is the independent body that is responsible for conducting and overseeing the annual student body election and inauguration. This Commission is headed by the elections commissioner, Evan Dodge, who was appointed by the student body president. The commission also consists of the deputy elections commissioner and seven to nine assistant elections commissioners.

Kathryn Stoudemire, Elections Commissioner  

Freshman Council

Freshman Council acts as an entry-level organization within Student Government with an emphasis on leadership and community involvement. Members consist of a diverse selection of students who undergo a fairly rigorous interview and application process and are chosen to represent the freshman class in Student Government.

Throughout the year, the group meets weekly to discuss pressing issues at USC. FC gets a chance to work with other members of Student Government as well as other organizations and services at USC. Through the mentor-mentee system, each member on the council is paired with an upperclassman member of student government to assist throughout the course of the year.

The council is made up of several committees that work on various projects throughout the year. Each committee has a specific role in contributing to the success of the Freshman Council. Committees meet once a week and all are welcome to attend just like the regular FC meetings.

Freshman Council

Chase Rathfoot


Jalen Williams



The Senate is comprised of 50 Senators and 10 committees. Each committee is headed by a committee chairman assigned by the speaker and approved by the Senate.

The Senate has the opportunity to pass legislation in all non-academic fields. Legislation addresses issues ranging from the dispersal of funding to university administrative policy. All USC students are encouraged to voice their opinions by attending Senate sessions, by submitting suggestions through the Suggestion Box, or by applying to be in Senate.

The Student Senate meets at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesdays in the Senate Chambers on the third floor of the Russell House.

Senators by College

Arnold School of Public Health

Jack Hornsby

Briana Lewis

Nafisa Rahimberganova

Raphael Ofendo Reyes 

College of Arts and Sciences

Adger Drummond III

Taran Moyer

Khrystal Ellis

Shontee Gathers

Patrick Greene

Casey Hamlin

Shub Mehta

Almeera Lateef

Azalfa Lateef

Rashawn McClam

John David Jacobus

College of Education

Sawyer McDuffie

Danny Rodrigues 

College of Engineering and Computing

Taylor Bauman

Colton Corley

Sierra Stewart

Hayden Ifkovits

College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management
College of Information and Communication
College of Nursing

Gwen Asbury

Brandon Patrick

College of Pharmacy

Kailey Mattison

Brice Laney

Darla Moore School of Business

Lexie Dunnington

Brent DeShields

Sedrick Sweat Jr.

Lexi Prell

Michael Pristas

Megan Thackray

School of Law

Kevin Boyd

Jonathan Saviske

School of Music

Sara Himebauch

Andrew Murray

School of Social Work

Umema Khan

Austin Grumbles 

At-Large Senators

Kevin Boyd

Danny Rodrigues

Brandon Patrick 

Students interested in applying for vacant seats should fill out an application.

Congressional Advisory Board

The Student Congressional Advisory Board serves as the voice of the University of South Carolina. We work to assist Congress members in finding better solutions to academic, financial and social issues that concern students. We collect data on student values, develop policy presentations and work with legislators in our nation’s capital to advocate for students’ views.

CAB works to solicit input from institutional constituents such as students, faculty, administrators and staff. CAB strives to educate the USC community about federal higher education initiatives and investments. This initiative enables students to realize their potential for active involvement in national politics.

As student advocates, we believe we can transform both the state and University of South Carolina by informing our elected leaders of issues that are relevant to our generation. By doing this, we can enhance their future – benefiting our community and leaving a lasting heritage for future students.

CAB consists of eight members, one of which is the head of the advisory board. He or she is appointed by the student body president after having completed both an application and interview process. The seven other members are selected by the head of the advisory board and other student government members through the completion of an application and a rigorous interview process. These members all demonstrate exceptional talent, merit, enthusiasm and interest in political matters.

Bryce Simpson

Congressional Advisory Board Director

Legislative Action Network

LAN is a program of the Executive Branch of the Student Government of the University of South Carolina. Its mission involves the following three goals:

(A) To serve as a non-partisan advocacy entity, frequently communicating with the South Carolina General Assembly and other political officials on behalf of the constituency of the University of South Carolina student body so as to directly influence state and local government;

(B) To track legislation year-round through the legislative process, following the legislative chambers while in session and attending meetings and hearings as necessary, to culminate in a Legislative Report Card;

(C) To engage in critical and thoughtful research through individual projects to present to state lawmakers, executive officials, and other political bodies.

Applicants should be passionate about policy, research, and advocacy. Depending on the student’s role in the network, they will be required to attend weekly or monthly meetings.

They will also be expected to do work outside of these meetings.

A team member will contact applicants after their application is received and reviewed. 

Wilfredo Anderson

Legislative Action Network Director

  • Airport Shuttle

    Student Government partners with the University of South Carolina Parking and Transportation services to provide a shuttle from campus to the Columbia Metropolitan Airport. The shuttle will operate fall break, Thanksgiving break and spring break. Reservations are required. The shuttles run at 5 a.m., 9 a.m., 12 p.m., 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. from the corner of Sumter and Greene street (right in front of the journalism school). Reservations will close the Friday before departure and return dates. The bus will only wait five minutes before departing. 

    Fall Break
    Departure dates: Wednesday, Oct. 17 & Thursday, Oct. 18
    Return date: Sunday, Oct. 21

    Thanksgiving Break
    Departure dates: Monday, Nov. 19 & Tuesday, Nov.r 20
    Return date: Sunday, Nov. 25

    Spring Break
    Departure dates: Thursday, March 7 & Friday, March 8
    Return dates: Saturday, March 16 *& Sunday, March 17

  • Carolina Closet

    The Carolina Closet provides business professional clothes for the University of South Carolina students. With a valid CarolinaCard, students can take five items of their choosing and exchange those items throughout the semester. The closet will be open Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 1 to 5 p.m. or by appointment. Donations are accepted during closet or student government hours. Email to set up an appointment or for donation inquiries.

  • Creed Day

  • Freshman Record

  • iPad Checkout Program

  • Safety Walks

    Student Government partners with USCPD to bring safety walks to campus. During the walks, students accompany police officers to look for any potential safety hazards such as defective lights or sidewalks cracks.

  • Student Commencement Committee

  • State of the Student Body

  • USC Bucket List

    Student Government is excited to re-introduce the USC Bucket List for the 2018-2019 school year. USC Bucket List Week will be held during USC Homecoming week in order to promote the bucket list and University of South Carolina traditions. This week is dedicated to providing opportunities to make the bucket list more achievable to students.