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student government officers

Student Government

Student Government works closely with university administration, faculty and staff to represent the interests of students, preserve and protect the traditions @UofSC, and support students and student organizations in their academic and community endeavors.

2019-2020 Student Government officers

Read below to learn more about each of the executive officers and how you can connect! 


Executive Officers

Luke Rankin

Luke Rankin, President

Luke Rankin is a senior from Myrtle Beach, SC studying political science, business administration and African American studies.

Phone: 803-777-3851
Download bio (coming soon!)

Monday: by appointment only
Tuesday: 12 – 4 p.m.
Wednesday: 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. 
Thursday: 12 – 4 p.m.
Friday: by appointment only
(or anytime by appointment)

Chief of Staff
Samantha Mayberry

Chief Advisor
Colin Hungerpiller

Chief Implementation Officer
Emily Martin

Director of External Affairs
Dynesha Wright

Director of Membership Engagement & Recruitment
Ben Murray

Karinna Rao

Press Secretary
Brooke Hamby

The executive cabinet serves as an advisory board to the student body president and is comprised of students seeking to better the university through their particular areas of concentration.  

Attorney General
Paul Schwarzentraub

Secretary of Academics
Mason Luff

Secretary of Alumni Relations
Meredith Solheim

Secretary of Athlete Relations
Kailey Mattison

Secretary of Campus Outreach

Michaela Mabry

Co-Secretary of Carolina Life
Katie Durand

Co-Secretary of Carolina Life
Ruth Bollinger

Secretary of Community Relations

Ngozi Chukwueke

Secretary of Environmental Affairs
Emma Sylves-Berry

Secretary of First Year Involvement
Issy Rushton

Secretary of Government Relations
Janel Moore

Secretary of Greek Affairs
Allison D'Ignazio

Secretary of Health and Wellness
Chase Arledge

Secretary of Inclusion and Equity
Darius Stephens-York 

Secretary of Safety and Transportation

Casey Hamlin

Secretary of Student Services
Almeera Lateef

Secretary of University Relations 
Tory Armstrong

Secretary of Veterans Affairs
Bobby Herpel

Deputy Secretary of Academics
Sarah Noonan

Deputy Secretary of Alumni Relations
Turner Finnerty

Deputy Secretary of Alumni Relations
Ashley Dobson

Deputy Secretary of Athlete Relations
Dylan Wonnum

Deputy Secretary of Athletics
Nicole Dennis

Deputy Secretary of Campus Outreach
Meme Jefferson

Deputy Secretary of Campus Outreach
Sara Callahan

Deputy Secretary of Carolina Life
Sara Johnson

Deputy Secretary of Community Relations
Cami Aull

Deputy Secretary of First Year Involvement
Grace Fowler

Deputy Secretary of Government Relations
Benson Clements

Deputy Secretary of Greek Affairs 
Jon Michael Grimmer

Deputy Secretary of Greek Affairs 
Lily Frain

Deputy Secretary of Health and Wellness
Ginny Reams

Deputy Secretary of Inclusion and Equity
Darius Stephens-York

Deputy Secretary of Inclusion and Equity
Gabriella Velasquez

Deputy Secretary of Student Services
Audrey Hill

Deputy Secretary of University Relations
Katie Palmer

Academics Committee 
Cole Finn

Caroline Favret

Natalie Monzavifar

Campus Outreach Committee
Kyle Roop

Zachary Crawford

Sydney Pickett

Kennedy Henderson

Sean Maher

Community Relations Committee
Brice Laney

Jarrett Tardiff

Christal Harvin

Greek Affairs Committee
Becca Sternberg

Lexi Prell

Kathryn Tribble

Jackson Gates

Jacob Thompson

Kathleen Griffith

Health and Wellness Committee
Deanna Smith

Hannah Anderson

Myles Keener

Payton Ramsey

Chaney Partrich

Abby De Arellano

Kathleen Hill

Inclusion and Equity Committee
Stephanie Daniel

Gabriela Ortiz-Soto

Alisa Parker

Yeismar Herrera-Quiroz

Reylan Cook

Lyric Swinton

9/11 Memorial Committee
Emma White


Sophie Davish

Sophie Davish, Vice President

Sophie Davish is a senior finance major with a minor in political science in the University of South Carolina Honors College. She is originally from Chester Springs, Pennsylvania but has quickly found her home here at Carolina.

Phone: 803-777-5065
Download bio (coming soon!)

Monday:  9 a.m. 12 p.m.
Tuesday: 12 – 5 p.m.
Wednesday: 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. 
Friday: by appointment only
(or any time by appointment)

Chief of Staff
Shannen Cloherty

Deputy Chief of Staff
Aidan Baker

Chief Advisor
Becca Ostien

Director of Programming
Hannah White

Program Liaison
Brendan Drew

Carolina Closet Director
Reagan Cintron

Carolina Closet Assistant Director
Emily Dengler

Press Secretary
Stewart Mast


Kate Lewis

Kate Lewis, Treasurer

Kate Lewis is a senior political science major from Chesterfield, Virginia. She has previously served as the Director of Operations within the Office of the Treasurer.

Phone: 803-777-3857
Download bio (coming soon!)

Monday: 2:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
Wednesday: 12:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Friday: by appointment only
(or anytime by appointment)

Chief of Staff
Phillip Freeman

Deputy Chief of Staff
Matt Durant

Chief Advisor
Emerson Odagis

Director of Operations
Sarah Riesenberger

Director of Comptrollers
Steve Avdey

Caden Askew

CB Karpinski

Cooper Keener

Fiza Sethi

Mattie Rudd

Sam Courson

Steven Simon

Press Secretary
Taylor Nicholson


Davis Latham

Davis Latham, Speaker of the Senate 

Davis Latham is a political science student from Columbia, South Carolina. As a freshman, he served on Student Government’s Freshman Council and then as chief of staff to the first Speaker of the Student Senate. 

Phone: 803-777-3852
Download bio (coming soon!)

Office Hours

Monday: by appointment only
Tuesday: 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Wednesday: 12 p.m. – 1 p.m.
Thursday: 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Friday: 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.
(or anytime by appointment)

Chief of Staff
Azalfa Lateef

Deputy Chief of Staff 
Laura-Louise Rice

Director of External Affairs
Taylor Bauman


Maegan Latham

Press Secretary
Blakely Lovett




Leadership Opportunities

The Student Government Communications Team serves as the foremost advisors to the Student Body Executive Officers on communications, media relations, public relations, and specific policy stances. The team consists of graphic designers, photographers, videographers and more that help promote Student Government programs and initiatives through external communications. Follow student government at @UofSCSG on all social media platforms.

Director of Communications
Austin Smith | 

Deputy Director of Communications
Julie Crosby

Graphic Designers

Christina Sebastian

Sarah Sharpe 

Lea Swinton


Qhira Bonds

Lilly Marcadis

Maya Queenan 

Megan Shannahan

Social Media Coordinators

Mckenzie Hagwood

Lindsay Miller

Kendric Lindsey

Constitutional Council (CC) is the Judicial Branch of Student Government. Consisting of four Associate Justices and one Chief Justice, the Council maintains the Student Government Codes and Constitution, and interprets them when there is a dispute on their meaning. The CC can also resolve internal disputes about the governing documents of student organizations. 

Contact Constitutional Council

Submit a Case


The Elections Commission is the independent body that is responsible for conducting and overseeing the annual student body election and inauguration. This Commission is headed by the elections commissioner who is appointed by the student body president. The commission also consists of the deputy elections commissioner and seven to nine assistant elections commissioners.

Freshman Council acts as an entry-level organization within Student Government with an emphasis on leadership and community involvement. Members consist of a diverse selection of students who undergo a fairly rigorous interview and application process and are chosen to represent the freshman class in Student Government.

Throughout the year, the group meets weekly to discuss pressing issues at USC. FC gets a chance to work with other members of Student Government as well as other organizations and services at USC. Through the mentor-mentee system, each member on the council is paired with an upperclassman member of student government to assist throughout the course of the year.

The council is made up of several committees that work on various projects throughout the year. Each committee has a specific role in contributing to the success of the Freshman Council. Committees meet once a week and all are welcome to attend just like the regular FC meetings.

Contact Freshman Council 

The Senate is comprised of 50 Senators and 10 committees. Each committee is headed by a committee chairman assigned by the speaker and approved by the Senate.

The Senate has the opportunity to pass legislation in all non-academic fields. Legislation addresses issues ranging from the dispersal of funding to university administrative policy. All USC students are encouraged to voice their opinions by attending Senate sessions, by submitting suggestions through the Suggestion Box, or by applying to be in Senate.

The Student Senate meets at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesdays in the Senate Chambers on the third floor of the Russell House.

Senators by College

Toneia Douglas

Alex Hunter 

Neil Brandon Patrick

Raphael Ofendo Reyes

Emma Gaskins

Patrick Holt Greene

Grace Marie Gunter

Miriam El Geneidy 

John David Jacobus

Sheila Claire Lynn

Morgianna McDevitt

Sawyer McDuffie

Sooyeon Oh

Emma Scott

Ryan Dabbs 


Quin Carolina

Claire Outz 

Elizabeth Hendrickson

Sierra Stewart

Katherine Zeller

Sara Hamilton

Anna Dunbar 

Riley Phillips

LeAnne Davison

Naja Hough 

Riley Rodgers 

 Dylan Malik Butler

Tiara Hebron 


Katia Livas 

Jenna Cameron

Deandre Janell Davis

Jackson Andrew Hornsby

John Arthur Lind

Morgan McDonald 

Michelle Long 

Asaru Buffalo 

Kamryn Phlegar 

Dea Skenderi 

Mariah Cochran

 Claire Windsor

Nicholas Prieto

Whitney Garland

Molley Lynn Jenkins


The Congressional Advisory Board (CAB) is the oldest team within Government Relations. Every year, members of this non-partisan student research team travel to our nation’s capital to meet with members of the South Carolina Congressional Delegation. You will gain immense political research experience as you prepare for the completion of the CAB report. The report includes 3-4 issues chosen by members and then surveyed amongst the student body for a student opinion. The data is compiled in the report and presented to persuade members to vote, support, or disprove within the congressional agenda. This experience has also included visits to  the Department of Education,  White House, and National Mall.

Congressional Advisory Board Director

Wilfredo Anderson

The Legislative Action Network (LAN) is a non-partisan advocacy entity, communicating with the South Carolina General Assembly. This communication is on behalf of the constituency of the University of South Carolina student body to share concerns with state officials. LAN members can look forward to increasing the awareness and presence of LAN with the members of the general assembly by attending legislative sessions and various committee meetings. Third, LAN looks forward to organizing a reception where members of student government have the opportunity to interact with state legislators. And lastly, LAN will be the program helping the Governement Relations secretary and deputy secretaries directly aiding in the roll out of the first ever Higher Education Day. Other initiatives also include presenting to members of the Richland County delegation in February.

Legislative Action Network Director


 The City Advocacy Commission is a non-partisan advocacy group tasked with being the liaisons between city council-members of Columbia and students. While only in its second year, CAC has made leaps and bounds for advocacy on the municipal level. Leading the charge on student input regarding Quiet Zones, CAC has helped to lay the foundation and plead the case for Quiet Zones surrounding USC’s campus, Five Points, and the Vista. Also they plan to pilot the Extend Conference this year, a conference built to connect Richland One high schools with USC and the possibilities for political engagement while on campus. During the year, members will have the opportunity to present their research findings to council-members, local officials, and Mayor Benjamin. 

City Advocacy Comission Director

David Olds

  • Airport Shuttle

    Student Government partners with the University of South Carolina Parking and Transportation services to provide a shuttle from campus to the Columbia Metropolitan Airport. The shuttle will operate fall break, Thanksgiving break and spring break. Reservations are required. The shuttles run at 5 a.m., 9 a.m., 12 p.m., 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. from the corner of Sumter and Greene street (right in front of the journalism school). Reservations will close the Friday before departure and return dates. The bus will only wait five minutes before departing. 


  • Carolina Closet

    The Carolina Closet provides business professional clothes for the University of South Carolina students. With a valid CarolinaCard, students can take five items of their choosing and exchange those items throughout the semester. The closet will be open Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 1 to 5 p.m. or by appointment. Donations are accepted during closet or student government hours. Email to set up an appointment or for donation inquiries.

  • Creed Day

  • Freshman Record

  • iPad Checkout Program

  • Safety Walks

    Student Government partners with USCPD to bring safety walks to campus. During the walks, students accompany police officers to look for any potential safety hazards such as defective lights or sidewalks cracks.

  • Student Commencement Committee

  • State of the Student Body

  • USC Bucket List




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