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Student org renewal for NPHC, MGC, CPA, IFC, and Sports Clubs

FAQ about Organization Renewal

You'll complete the renewal form on Garnet GateLearn how to complete the form.

It is likely because you are not listed as an organization leadership team member. Email Lauren Haynes for more assistance.

The form is located on the Leadership and Service Center’s Garnet Gate page in the documents section. You can also pick up printed copies at the front desk of the Leadership and Service Center.

Every employee on this campus has a supervisor. For faculty, this could be the dean of the college or a program director.

NO, you will need to fill out the name change request form here before you begin renewal or after renewal is completed.

Fill out the advisor form and information with the new person’s information and add them to your Garnet Gate page. We will update records accordingly.

If your application is “denied,” log back into Garnet Gate and make the requested edits in order to resubmit. Please note this denial doesn’t mean your organization’s renewal is permanently denied, it just means it’s denied until you make the required edits. If you do not make the edits by the requested deadline, your organization will then be listed as inactive.

You must use the email provided to you by the university. Additionally, only fill out address and phone number if your organization has a true physical address and phone number. Organizations that list personal contact information will be denied.


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