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Student Organization Renewal

  • Spring 2021 Student Organization Renewal: Jan. 6 - Jan. 29 
  • University policies have been updated. Please review to ensure your organization follows all stated policies.
  • Questions? Contact Lauren Haynes.

To start the Renewal process you'll visit Garnet Gate and sign in on your personal account. You'll then navigate to the grid in the upper right corner, click the Manage tab and select the organization you would like to renew. On the next page you should see a blue box below your organization's name. 

It is likely because you are not listed as an organization leadership team member or that your organization doesn’t renew until next semester, Email Lauren Haynes for more assistance.

NO, you will need to fill out the name change request form after renewal is completed.

Registered Student Organizations ONLY need to complete the Garnet Gate form initiated following the above instructions.

Associated Student Organizations will need to submit the Garnet Gate form. When this form is submitted your listed Advisor will be contacted to fill out a confirmation form. 

All student organizations were notified of their categorization as an ASO or RSO in August 2020.

If your application is “denied,” log back into Garnet Gate and make the requested edits in order to resubmit. Please note this denial doesn’t mean your organization’s renewal is permanently denied, it just means it’s denied until you make the required edits. If you do not make the edits by the requested deadline, your organization will then be listed as inactive.

You must use the email provided to you by the university. Additionally, only fill out address and phone number if your organization has a true physical address and phone number. Organizations that list personal contact information will be denied.


Helpful Links and Information

 Student Org FAQs

Here are some commonly asked questions from student organizations:

No, student organizations are not considered nonprofits nor allowed to be nonprofits. You can be affiliated with a nonprofit, but you are not a nonprofit yourselves.

Per university policy, student organizations are not considered entities of the university and cannot claim tax exempt status or information from the university at any time. Please also note that the University of South Carolina is not tax exempt from sales or use tax except as allowed in SECTION 12‑36‑2120 of the South Carolina Code of Laws.
If a student organization is interested in obtaining information for tax-related questions, the student organization can go online or directly contact the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Columbia Department.

As per university policy, student organizations are not allowed to have "University of South Carolina", "USC", or "UofSC" in their name. This is because student organizations are not entities of the university, but affiliations.
However, you can have "South Carolina", "Carolina", "Columbia", "Gamecock", or "Cocky" in your name.

Registering/re-activating means that the organization doesn’t exist or has been dormant.

This means that you are starting from scratch versus a group that is renewing has existed on campus and has not lapsed in their responsibilities of maintain their records and compliance with the university.

No, chalking is not allowed on campus as per policy STAF 3.11.

Every student organization at the university is given a student organization account when they register. This account accesses 25Live to reserve space and your student organization email. Accounts usually start with “so” for student organization and then with an abbreviation of your organization’s name.

If you need access to your organization email or password please fill out our request form.

Organizations choose their category in Garnet Gate when they register or reactivate with our office. If you do not believe that your category is correct or fits your organization, you can email our office and we will consider your request to change it.

If you are a student leader for an organization and are not receiving are emails. There are several things that could be happening:
  • Your organization could be listed an inactive. To find out, check if your organization is in Garnet Gate. If it is not, this probably means your organization has been listed as inactive and needs to reactivate. Visit our website to fill out an Intent form to begin the process to reactivate your organization.
  • You are not listed as an officer for the organization. Any current officer listed in Garnet Gate can add you by following our tutorials found Documents section of our Garnet Gate page.
  • Check your spam folder. It happens.
  • You are listed as an officer but disabled notifications in Garnet Gate. Please correct this. To do that, visit your account in Garnet Gate ( and click on “Notifications.” Under “Send me informational emails from” you should have “Campus and Organizations” enabled. This must be enabled or you will miss important emails from our office regarding your organization.

If none of these help, email the Leadership and Service Center at

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