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  • Two students pose at Russell House for the Student leadership and Diversity Conference

Student Leadership and Diversity Conference

Protests...a pandemic....a changing world? What is one to do during these unprecedented times? Enter, Mission: Possible. Join us as we navigate the unknown and take a bold step towards creating social change at this year's Student Leadership and Diversity Conference!

Mission Possible: Cracking the Code of Leadership and Diversity


The Student Leadership and Diversity Conference (SLDC) is a regional conference that trains and educates student leaders on topics spanning leadership and diversity. Students participate in sessions on topics including: developing a leadership identity, exploring social justice and inclusion, creating initiatives and methods to foster sustainable positive change, and maximizing your student leadership experience.


A Case Example of How Students Can Demand Change to Promote Diversity
A DEI  Self-Management Mission for Self-Care
Against the Grain
Cracking the Code: The Invisible Diversity of Faith
Cracking the Code: Navigating and Supporting the Life of First-Generation BiPOC at PWIs
Cultivating a Brave Space: Transgender Inclusivity
Cryptoleaderology: The mysteries behind student leadership's common pitfalls and disguises
Elevating Diverse Voices: Defining Goals and Developing Leadership through the National Fellowships Process
Gamecocks Stand Up: Bystander Intervention for Anti-Discrimination
Honoring Your Work Self: Critical Conversations of Professionalism and Identity
iSPY Leadership Philosophy: Crack the Case
Leadership and Cultural Uncertainty: One Person's Experience Navigating Intercultural Interactions

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Making Your Privilege Your Platform
Managing the Mission: Take Control of Job Searching Expectations
Mission Critical: Achieving Effective and Diverse Climate Justice
Moving Towards Second-Order Change: Promoting Diversity and Inclusion Through Student Programming
‘On The Line’; The Importance of Digital Civil Discourse
Qualified and Confident: How to Communicate Transferable Skills
Socioeconomic Inequality & the Racial Wealth Gap
Student Leaders & Burnout: How to Unlock the Stress Cycle
T.H.U.G. Life
Uncovering the Transformative Practice of Feminist Leadership


SLDC will run from Feb 8 - Feb. 19, 2021. 

SLDC will consist of two parts:

  • Asynchronous video presentations
  • Synchronous live workshops

SLDC will be free for registrants in 2021.

Registration for SLDC is now closed.

Students, Graduate Assistants, Staff, Faculty, and Community members may apply for one of two types of sessions:

  • Synchronous sessions are expected to be between 40 minutes and 1 hour and should actively engage participants in activities or discussion based learning.
  • Asynchronous sessions are meant to be short, 10-30 minute, videos that deliver solid information and strong learning outcomes to students. Because these are asynchronous they should not be discussion based or interactive. 

The educational session deadline has passed

If you have questions or concerns please reach out to Lauren Haynes, or Kimberly Seibles,


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