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  • Face-to-Face vs. Online

Translating Courses from Face-to-Face to Online


When you consider teaching an online course, questions can overwhelm you. How will I do this? Will I be able to do that? What about assignments and tests? Where do you begin when you are new to online teaching but experienced in the classroom? Quality online courses are not simply electronic versions of traditional face-to-face courses that are posted and forgotten. This session explores a range of factors to consider when translating your courses to an online format—factors that will both ensure academic rigor and enhance student learning.

About the Facilitator

Janet G. Hudson joined the CTE as Faculty Associate Director for Innovative Teaching in January 2015. She is committed to assisting faculty in implementing evidence-based teaching strategies that foster student learning, with particular emphasis on the "flipped learning" model. She has extensive undergraduate teaching experience in a wide-variety of formats. As an associate professor of history for Extended University, she has also published an award winning book, "Entangled by White Supremacy," and her current project explores the role of African American soldiers in World War I.

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