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Syllabus Templates

A primary purpose of a syllabus is to communicate to your students what the course is about, why it is taught, where it is going, and what will be required of the students for them to complete the course with a passing grade.

Syllabus Templates

Our syllabus templates make your work easier! Templates are ADA accessible and include sample statements that meet the Syllabus Best Practices [pdf] recommendations.  It is recommended that you view the syllabus best practices document and the appropriate syllabus template for your course.

Face-to-Face Course Syllabus Template [docx]
Online Course Syllabus Template [docx]   
Blended Course Syllabus Template [docx]

Course Schedule Templates

The course schedule templates are tables with Date, Topic, Assignment and Due Today headings and include key dates in the semester academic calendar.

Updated Fall 2020 Course Templates ( Accelerated Fall Semester )

Fall 2020 MW Course Template [docx]
Fall 2020 MWF Course Template [docx]
Fall 2020 TTH Course Template [docx]
Fall I (3A) 2020 MW First Half Term Course Template [docx]
Fall I (3A) 2020 TTH First Half Term Course Template [docx]
Fall II (3B) 2020 MW Second Half Term Course Template [docx]
Fall II (3B) 2020 TTH Second Half Term Course Template [docx]
Fall 2020 Online Course Template [docx]
Fall 2020 Calendar Template [docx]

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