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Center for Teaching Excellence

Center for Teaching Excellence

Events Calendar

Throughout the year, the CTE hosts events catered to USC Faculty and Staff. Our events allow participants to explore a broad range of topics important to both novice and veteran college teachers. Most workshops are facilitated by veteran faculty from USC and are designed to be highly interactive.

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July 2019

Learn how to post assignments, load files, receive student input and files, organize information, and grade assignments using the Assignment Manager. Discover how to check for plagiarism using SafeAssign. Workshop participants can bring their computer or tablet to gain first-hand experience during the workshop.  Register

Learn to create tests and surveys, to use pools of questions while creating these items, and to modify the deployment rules for individuals or groups of students. Workshop participants can bring their computer or tablet to gain first-hand experience during the workshop.  Register

Virtual reality (VR) provides an immersive experience (e.g., videogames and movies) or simulates presence in a real-world environment (e.g., watching a sporting event or visiting a foreign location). This presentation will discuss and provide a demonstration of one piece of VR equipment, the Oculus Go, a portable, all-in-one VR, and review the educational applications of apps available on the device. Apps that will be discussed include:

  • AltSpaceVR which is a social platform for virtual reality that allows users to meet with people from anywhere around the world and could be used to create a virtual classroom or learning space
  • ENGAGE which is a VR social platform that allows educators to host meetings, classes, private lessons and presentations with people from all over the world in a safe, virtual, multi-user environment
  • Wander which uses data from Google Streetview and allows users to teleport almost anywhere in the world and can let students virtually visit locations that they cannot visit physically
  • Art Plunge which is a gallery of famous paintings that allows users to go inside and explore the scene
  • Apps providing immersive experiences in the medical field such as The Body VR, Human Anatomy, and VLIPPmed.
  • Apps providing immersive video experiences such as BBC VR, YouTube VR, and National Geographic VR.

Participants will leave the presentation with a better understanding of how to use the Oculus Go and a list of apps that can be used for educational purposes if they are interested in implementing VR into their courses.  Register

Active learning is a student-centered approach to teaching in which pre-planned activities are used to engage the student as an active participant in their own learning. Techniques such as “one-minute paper”, concept mapping, “gallery walk”, and numerous others have been shown to improve student learning and retention of the material in addition to enhancing the presentation format of a course. However, active learning strategies can be difficult for instructors to implement because they require specific planning, skill in guiding the learning activity, and an understanding of best practices for incorporating the activities as a worthwhile assessment.

In this workshop, participants will examine the three key student learning benchmarks integrated into active learning techniques, explore the planning system necessary to incorporate such activities into the class, including how to best design the activity to allow for assessment of learning. To illustrate the methodology, attendees will actively participate in several active learning techniques applicable to a wide range of classroom settings. Join us to learn helpful tips on what you can do, how to do it, and why active learning in the classroom is important to student learning.

Hear from USCPD what to do to keep your students and yourself safe. This seminar is designed to provide guidance on what to do in a shooting incident, how to be prepared, how to think safely and how to recognize a potential problem, specifically in campus and classroom contexts.  Register