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Student Disability Resource Center

Instructors and Alternative Testing

Help accommodate your students before the test begins.  Learning the steps to follow now of providing testing accommodations will help you, your student, and SDRC work together smoothly. Students approved for testing accommodations can take exams with their class, in class with appropriate testing accommodations arranged by the instructor, or in the SDRC Test Proctoring Suite.

Alternative Testing FAQs for Instructors

We aim to ease this alternative testing process for you.  To better understand all pieces of this, please review instructor frequently asked questions (FAQs), starting with the "What is the Alternative Testing Agreement?" question.  

Alternative Testing Guidelines

SDRC is responsible for providing reasonable accommodations in a timely manner.  Failure to adhere to the guidelines below may impact the SDRC's ability to provide testing accommodations for your Student(s). 

This Agreement allows your student:

  • to submit test requests.
  • to schedule exams through AIM management system. 
  • to receive test accommodations for in-person and online tests.

Completion of the Alternative Testing Agreement provides appropriate testing accommodations for your students registered with SDRC.

If you teach a course with multiple students that receive testing accommodations, only one Agreement is necessary for that course, not a separate Agreement for each individual student.

  1. Sign into AIM Instructor Portal.
  2. Click "Alternative Testing" side menu link.
  3. Within "Specify Alternative Testing Agreement" box at the top of the screen:
    1. Select the course from "Select Class" drop menu..
    2. Click the "Continue to Specify Alternative Testing Agreement" button.
    3. Answer the questions displayed on the "Alternative Testing Agreement" form and provide time amount for exam types (e.g, Quiz, Standard Exam, Midterm, Final).

You have the ability to copy a completed Agreement of one course section to be used for other sections.

  1. Sign into AIM Instructor Portal.
  2. Click "Alternative Testing" side menu link.
  3. Within "List Alternative Testing Agreement" box at the top of the screen:
    1. In the "Select" form field, select a course from the list of completed Agreements.
    2. In the "Copy to" form field, select the course to receive the existing Agreement copy.

Your student is responsible for:

  • scheduling exam appointments (via AIM online portal).
  • requesting the exam to be proctored during the class period.
    • Any other exam time must be specified by instructor in writing (via Alternative Testing Agreement or email sent to
  • bringing all required testing materials which are approved by the instructor.  SDRC does not provide Bluebooks or scantrons.
Instructors are responsible for:
  • providing approved testing accommodations for students registered with the SDRC.
  • providing materials in a timely matter.  This includes scantrons.
  • being key participants in the testing accommodation process, whether the tests are administered within the SDRC test proctoring lab, Instructor's department, or Instructor's classroom or online course platform (e.g., Blackboard).

The Logistics of Alternative Testing Process

Review our alternative testing logistics information to better understand faculty notification letters, extended test time, alternative testing agreement, AIM Instructor online portal, and the procedures of providing and collecting your tests.

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