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Center for Teaching Excellence

College Student Field Work

Integrative Learning Workshops and Events

USC is a leader nationwide in helping students think about how their learning extends beyond the classroom. The Center for Teaching Excellence offers workshops and events that introduce faculty to opportunities to help students make thoughtful connections between the courses they teach and outside the classroom experiences.

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January 2018

The Darla Moore School of Business (DMSB) is recognized globally as a top tier business school. Recently, DMSB implemented a challenging Undergraduate Excellence Initiative in which the level of rigor and relevance in course offerings is being greatly enhanced. Growth in the student population at DMSB is occurring in tandem with the need to provide more coverage of relevant subject matter given today’s dynamic, highly competitive global business environment. At the same time, demonstrated proficiency with advanced technologies is an imperative for success in today’s competitive business context. MGMT 371 –Principles of Management is the first step in the students’ journey through DMSB; as such, this Principles of Management course must set the standard with regard to the level of rigor, relevance and engagement required for DMSB students. This presentation will reveal how adaptive learning technology is being employed in a large online section of MGMT 371 to increase student engagement, improve mastery of content and significantly transform the learning environment.  Register

Do you see untapped leadership potential in some of your students? Have you considered that a spark in the classroom may ultimately lead to a students' deeper engagement in learning from research, internships, or other beyond the classroom experiences? While students often make their own choices regarding their beyond the classroom engagement (e.g., research, internships, study abroad), faculty can provide the necessary connection between these experiences and student's major and professional goals. This is especially true as we encourage students to take advantage of all of the opportunities at a major public research university. This session will share our experience in supporting students' professional and leadership development through mentorship and engagement in research, professional practice, and study abroad. We also invite participants to share their experiences and discuss how we can support achieving students' goals.  Register

February 2018

This workshop session will explore ways to improve education for employable professionals in a changing world. It will include:

  • Advocating for teaching and learning scientific understanding
  • Reanalyzing the skills and abilities of a liberal arts education to demonstrate its compatibility with sustainable learning outcomes and market demands
  • Forming meaningful partnerships with local communities   Register

March 2018

How do you make students in large lecture halls feel like they are in a smaller venue? Do you hope to connect your research to your teaching more effectively? Lauren Sklaroff will explain methods of 'shrinking' survey classes to enhance student experiences and familiarity with the professor, in addition to teaching assistants. Participants will discuss their current research and ways to engage students more fully. Participants should bringing something to the workshop (an article, conference paper, or some form of their research) that students could potentially learn from.  Register

Are you interested in exploring ways that you can implement more integrative learning concepts and reflective writing into your courses? Are you interested in learning more about the principles of integrative learning? The increasing emphasis on integrative and experiential learning in higher education illuminates the opportunities for academic disciplines to support students’ synthesis of course concepts and their application into real-world settings.

In this interactive, hands-on workshop, the presenters will provide proven examples for guiding reflection in their classes. Participants will then consider their own curricula/courses and how they can introduce concepts of integrative learning through reflection-based assignments to help students articulate the significance of their within and beyond the classroom experiences throughout their college career.  Register

April 2018

Learn how to design and integrate student work and assignments that are relevant and applicable to professional practice. In this workshop, Associate Professor Lucy Green from the School of Library and Information Science, will take you through practical instructional design strategies for developing course work that not only helps you evaluate student growth, but results in projects that students can immediately integrate into their own professional lives.  Register