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Distributed Learning/Technology

CTE sponsors workshops, seminars, and other events that allow participants to explore a broad range of topics important to the development of high-quality distributed learning courses.

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In order for attendees to personally track their current registrations and attendance at CTE workshops and events, CTE requires that registrants create an account in our registration system and login to register.  If you have an existing training account with the Division of Human Resources, Office of Organizational and Professional Development, you do not need to create an account. You can login using your HR training username and password. By logging in to register for CTE events, your complete record for both CTE and HR trainings will be available in a single location with a single account and login. 

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September 2021

Are you ready to explore what PowerPoint can do beyond the basic slides and templates? This workshop will show participants how to include audio and video, customize templates, use animation, and create videos. Workshop participants should have PowerPoint installed on their device before the session to gain first-hand experience during the workshop.   Register

Many of us teach 'large' synchronous online classes, with 'large' defined as classes with more than 250 students. In such cases, Blackboard Collaborate functionalities are somewhat restrictive. Despite Blackboard Collaborate restrictions, how can we teach such classes in ways that strive towards good student outcomes and high levels of student engagement?  Register

Whether a student is enrolled in online, hybrid or face to face courses, they often seek strong supportive connections with fellow classmates and instructors.  These connections can develop into meaningful and personal learning communities.  In this webinar, we’ll discuss learning communities in general and how you can facilitate them within your course.  We’ll cover active learning and student generated content.  We’ll provide you with a list of some digital tools to explore, including strategies for selecting them to cultivate a learning community in your course.  Register

Research shows that building positive relationships with students can lead to increased engagement, higher motivation to learn, and better academic results (not to mention, more fun for you!) But how can relationship-building happen online, especially for faculty who may still be mastering the basics of online teaching? It may be easier than you think. Join us for an interactive session in which you’ll learn why relationship-building matters in online courses, and how you can overcome obstacles to foster connections with and between your remote-based students. Whether you’ve still new to teaching online or a seasoned pro, make plans to join us as we share and learn together.  Register

The Virtual Environments Interest Group is planning ways to bring virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality into teaching and learning environments at UofSC. Meetings are open to faculty, staff and students.

If you are interested in participating in the Virtual Environments Interest Group, or would like to be on the email list for further information, please send a message to Aisha Haynes at  Register

October 2021

Online courses present unique challenges and opportunities for both instructors and students. In this presentation, Ozgur Ince will discuss his experience converting a large introductory finance course from in-person to both synchronous and asynchronous online delivery. He will discuss best online teaching practices based on his experience and recent pedagogy. He will introduce strategies educators can utilize to tackle common challenges facing online learners, such as time management, lack of motivation, lack of interaction, and lack of community. He will also discuss alternative methods of delivery, student engagement using various online tools (such as polls, breakout groups, chat, discussion boards) and online assignments. The session will conclude with a question-and-answer session.  Register

The Center for Teaching Excellence is pleased to announce the 12th Annual Oktoberbest: A Symposium on Teaching. At Oktoberbest you'll hear innovative teaching ideas and best practices implemented by your colleagues at UofSC. This teaching symposium features engaging and informative presentations on innovative approaches to teaching, assessments, course design, creative student learning opportunities, and successful implementation of new strategies and best practices.

All UofSC faculty, instructors and graduate teaching assistants are invited to attend this free one-day symposium focused on sharing best practices in teaching. Oktoberbest is free to all who teach or support teaching at UofSC, but is not open to the general public.  Register

How do you keep your students focused during a 60+ minute online class? Do you notice long periods of silence during your class when you ask questions or you struggle to keep lively discussions going? This workshop will provide participants with practical tips and tools to keep students engaged in a synchronous online learning environment. Strategies to maintain interest and excitement throughout the semester will also be shared.  Register

Are you interested in teaching online courses? In this webinar, we will explore the basics of online teaching and the components of an online course. As we walk through the 3Ds Instructional Design Model: Design, Develop and Deliver, you will be introduced to best practices for online teaching in preparation for modifying a current face-to-face course for online delivery or creating a new online course.   Register

Are you looking for ways to spice up your lesson plans? This presentation will examine ways of effectively integrating technology tools to foster an engaging learning environment.  Register

November 2021

Join us for a three-part series of webinars in which you will learn the three Ds of online course instruction: Design, Develop, and Deliver. Whether you're a veteran or new to online teaching, you'll be glad you took an hour to learn the key elements of developing a successful DL course at UofSC.

In the first interactive session, we'll cover how to Design your online course for maximum student learning. With an emphasis on planning your course, this webinar will help you draft an effective syllabus and create measurable learning objectives using Bloom's Taxonomy action verbs. We will also be discussing the key principles for good instruction that lay the foundation for making your online course active, cooperative and relevant.  Register

This webinar covers how to Develop the materials and structure for your online course. You'll learn what makes a high-quality and accessible online course, how to choose or create instructional materials and rubrics, how to best organize your course information and materials in Blackboard, and how to select video recording and web conferencing tools for asynchronous and synchronous courses.  Register

This webinar covers how to Deliver your online course for maximum impact. Join us to learn how to build rapport with students, foster a community of learners and provide meaningful feedback. The session will end with tips to consider to facilitate an engaging and successful online course.  Register


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