Employment: Working at UofSC

More than 6000 employees work on our campus and form a community of professionals dedicated to higher education. We encourage you to consider some of the many reasons to work with us and then to search our current job postings and apply.

Five Reasons to Work with Us

No. 1

The Careers

From trades to teaching, the university offers a dynamic range of careers for talented and qualified people. The University of South Carolina system employs almost 14,000 people in South Carolina and online applications are managed through our employment office. At South Carolina, our diverse faculty and staff embody a dedication to serve our students, so that a job becomes a passion with no limits. Search our job postings and find your passion.

No. 2

The Benefits

A good job is more than a paycheck and the university offers a competitive benefits package that allows our employees to choose the features that best fit their individual or family needs. In addition to generous annual leave and holiday paid time off, benefit options include retirement plans, health insurance with dental and vision plans plus supplemental home, auto, life, cancer and hospital confinement insurance coverage. While the benefit packages can vary, this summary can give you an overview of some of the benefit options

No. 3

The City

Columbia, South Carolina is famously hot – and surprisingly cool – and we're fortunate enough to work right in the middle of it all. The University of South Carolina is located one block from the Statehouse and is surrounded by ample after-work entertainment and cultural opportunities, as well as an eclectic mix of shops and restaurants. When we are not working, we live in friendly neighborhoods, some within walking distance of campus. We invite you to explore Columbia.

No. 4

The People

At the University of South Carolina, our co-workers include some of the brightest minds and most accomplished professionals in the world. The diversity of thought and active engagement of our colleagues makes for a dynamic and interesting work environment. The university has been named a best place to work, and a big part of that is the people we work with. University faculty, staff and students are constantly in the news, so to get a better idea of our personality, take a look at what's happening @UofSC.

No. 5

The Campus

Imagine a place where brick pathways cross beneath ancient oaks, pass in front of buildings that range from antebellum to ultra-modern and are tread daily by thousands of motivated students searching for enhanced knowledge. University of South Carolina employees don't just imagine it, we live it. Our campus, founded in 1801, is our office, classroom, laboratory and stage. Hop over to Instagram for an up-close look at one of the state's most compelling workplaces.

The University of South Carolina does not discriminate in educational or employment opportunities on the basis of race, sex, gender, age, color, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, genetics, protected veteran status, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions.