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If you are having problems viewing your class you may need to update your browser software or media player.

Having problems with Adobe Connect?
Do I need any special software to view Adobe Connect?
You will need a flash player and broadband internet access. Check here to make sure you have the most up-to-date flash player if you experience technical difficulties with Adobe Connect.

How can I test my computer to see if my computer and network connection are properly configured?
Click here to perform an Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro connection test. This diagnostic test will ensure that your computer and network connections are properly configured to provide you with the best possible Connect Pro meeting experience. During the test, you may be prompted to install the Adobe Connect Pro Meeting Add-in.

Is there a sample Adobe Connect meeting I can view?
Yes. Visit to view the sample recorded meeting.

How do I log in to a live Adobe Connect class meeting?
If your class is meeting live using Adobe Connect, your instructor will provide the link in Blackboard. Once you click on the link, you will be prompted to type your name and enter the meeting as a guest.

How do I view a recorded or archive class meeting?
Visit Click on the appropriate college/school and then your class link to view lectures.

Having problems streaming or downloading your class?

Windows users: You must have the latest version of VLC Media Player or Windows Media Player installed on your computer. Is your browser software up to date? Download the latest version of Firefox or Internet Explorer. If you are unable to view your class using the stream option, try the download option.

Mac users: Mac users will only be able to use the Download or Connect (if available) links to view course videos. The stream link will not work. Install VLC Media Player available here or purchase Windows Media Components for QuickTime by Flip4Mac available here. Make sure your Web Browser software is up to date. Click on the links for the latest versions of Safari or Mozilla Firefox.

For complete instructions on streaming or downloading a class see the Getting Started page.

Extremely long wait times (10 to 15 minutes for viewing or 30 minutes for downloading are caused by heavy network traffic. Please try again later. To report a technical problem during the live broadcast of a televised class call 1-800-768-9651.

Still having streaming problems? Report problems here. Please include detailed information such as the course name and number, the date of the class you are trying to access, your computer platform - Mac or PC, and the browser you are using.

For general questions about your course contact:


803-777-7940 / 800-950-7622

803-777-7210 / 800-922-2577