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College of Education

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Teaching Mathematics with Manipulatives: Grades 7 - 12  Dickey
Middle Level School Today  Williams
Equity Pedagogies in Teacher Education  Boutte
 EDSE 660: Teaching Mathematics with Manipulatives, Grades 7 - 12
 May 9 - July 27, 2016
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 EDTE 621: Middle Level School Today
 June 6 - July 28, 2016
 Effective Middle Schools in Action: Part 1  
 Effective Middle Schools in Action: Part 2  
 Effective Middle Schools in Action: Part 3  
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 EDTE 779: Equity Pedagogies in Teacher Education
 May 9 - June 10, 2016

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 Overview, Multicultural Concepts, and Demographics
 Conceptual Framework
 Cycle of Socialization
 Foundations of Multicultural Education
 Ethnicity and Race
 Linguistic Diversity
 African American Language: Part 1
 African American Language: Part 2
 Critical Literacy
 Culturally Relevant Pedagogy
 Transnational Identities: Multicultural Classrooms, Native Americans
 Latino Americans
 Asian Americans
 European Americans/White Privilege
 Social Class
 Gender and Sexual Orientation
 Teacher Presentations: Tisdale
 Teacher Presentations: Johnson
 Teacher Presentations: Baines
 A Call to Action: Closing the Achievment Gap
 The Fairer Sex?
 Unlearning "Indian" Stereotypes
 Black is....Black Ain't
 True Colors
 The Shadow of Hate: A History of Intolerance in America
 The Eye of the Storm
 American Tongues
 Voices of North Carolina
 Spanish Voices
 Mountain Talk
 First Language: The Race to Save Cherokee
 The Carolina Brogue
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