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Summer 2014
Oceans and Man Shervette
Sampling Edwards
MSCI 210: Oceans and Man
July 7 - August 1, 2014
Life in the Ocean
Marine Mammals: Biology & Conservation
Uses and Abuses of the Ocean
Invertebrates and Man
Sustainable Seafood
Sharks: Part 1
Presenter: Dr. John Dean  
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South Carolina Government
 Legislature: Supplement
 Political Party Elections
 Fiscal Policy and State Budget
 Education (K - 12) and HIgher Education
 Crime and Criminal Justice
 Health Care and Health Policy
Welfare Policy
Natural Resources and the Environment
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STAT 519: Sampling
Monday/Wednesday/Friday, 10:05 a.m. - 12:05 p.m.

May 19 - June 30, 2014
To view your course live via Adobe Connect go to and select "Enter as a Guest". The lectures will be recorded and posted below within 24 hours for on-demand viewing.
 May 19  
 May 21: Part 1  
 May 21: Part 2  
 May 23
 May 26: Part 1  
 May 26: Part 2  
 May 28: Part 1  
 May 28: Part 2  
 May 30: Part 1  
 May 30: Part 2  
 June 2
 June 4
 June 6: Part 1  
 June 6: Part 2  
Make-Up for June 4  
 June 9: Part 1  
 June 9: Part 2  
 June 11: Part 1  
 June 11: Part 2  
 June 13: Part 1  
 June 13: Part 2  
 June 16: Part 1  
 June 16: Part 2  
 June 18: Part 1  
 June 18: Part 2  
 June 20: Part 1  
 June 20: Part 2  
 June 23: Part 1  
 June 23: Part 2  
 June 25: Part 1  
 June 25: Part 2  
 June 27  
 June 30  
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