Win McNamee takes a break from photographing a political convention

Photojournalist alumnus wins Pulitzer Prize

In his nearly 40-year career as a photojournalist, Win McNamee has documented world history and national calamity — and periodically found himself in the thick of the action.

University of South Carolina campus with focus on a tree with pink flowers.

Students learn to find the human experience in business journalism

The Baldwin Business and Financial Journalism Initiative is changing the mold, encouraging students to embrace a form of business journalism that goes beyond the numbers. Just in its fourth year, this program has evolved quickly and led two journalism students, Connor Hart and Emma Dooling, to win multiple awards.

Commencement ceremony at the Coloniial Life Arena

Behind the pomp and circumstance

From ensuring students know where to sit to making sure the sound system works just right, university staff members work behind the scenes to ensure a memorable commencement day for graduates and their families.

Ero Amiridis smiles for the camera with colorful painting in background

Ero Aggelopoulou-Amiridis is proud to be a Gamecock

President-elect Michael Amiridis isn’t the only Gamecock returning to the roost this summer. His wife, Ero Aggelopoulou-Amiridis, has just as deep a Carolina connection. In addition to her bachelor’s degree in math from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the university’s new first lady holds two advanced degrees from USC — a master’s in art history, ’97, and a Ph.D. in philosophy, ’12.

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“The poetic art of 2 USC artists on display at Columbia gallery”

(feat. Naomi Falk, studio art; Greg Stuart, experimental music performance, music literature) FreeTimes

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