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Configuring Entourage IMAP                                     PRINTER FRIENDLY

For the following instructions, we will use a fictitious person. Please substitute your own personal information when you configure Entourage on your computer.

Full Name: Ned Nash
Ned's e-mail address is:
Ned's network username is: NEDN
Ned's secure IMAP server at USC is: and uses port 993
Ned's authenticated and secure SMTP server at USC is: and uses port 2525

  1. Open Entourage then select Tools then Accounts.

  2. Select New Mail Account.

  3. If Account Setup Assistant comes up, select Configure Account Manually.

  4. Select IMAP for account type then Ok to continue.


  5. Enter a name for the mail profile in the Account Name field.

  6. Enter your name in the Name field.

  7. Enter the email address for the account being setup in the Email field.

  8. Enter your Username for the Account ID field.

  9. Enter for the IMAP server


  10. Select advanced receiving options and This IMAP service requires a secure connection (SSL) on the default port 993.

  11. Enter for the SMTP server field.


  12. Select advanced sending options and SMTP service requires secure connection (SSL)

  13. Select Override default SMTP port and set it to 2525.

  14. Select SMTP server requires authentication and use same settings as receiving mail server.

  15. Select Ok and authenticate with your network username and password to finish.

If you have any problems using these instructions, please contact the University Technology Services Help Desk at (803) 777-1800. You can also schedule an appointment in the iCARE Center at your convenience for additional support.

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