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U.S. Navy-sponsored research aims to improve perception autonomous surface vessels

Associate Professor Yi Wang and collaborators will perform research to develop a perception system for unmanned surface vessels (USVs). Its goal is to perform as well or better than a trained human captain in detecting and recognizing a variety of objects, obstacles and ships in all weather conditions.

2021: Year in Review

COVID-19 may have remained a part of our lives, but it did not stop the continued success of the college community. Take a look back at some of our accomplishments in 2021.

Faculty Highlight: Monirosadat (Sanaz) Sadati lands NSF CAREER award on first attempt

Assistant professor Sanaz Sadati, a chemical engineer, will use her prestigious research award to expand understanding of the crystallization of blue phase liquid crystals under curved confined boundaries, which has potential applications in the fields of photonics and nanotechnology.

Research aims to increase drug delivery from devices for vascular surgery

Drug coated balloons are an established technology and have a history of use, despite low drug delivery efficiency. To increase the device's effectiveness, Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering Associate Professor Tarek Shazly is part of an NIH-funded grant to make design improvements.

Nasiri elevated to IEEE Fellow

Electrical Engineering Distinguished Professor Adel Nasiri's significant contributions and innovations have led to him receiving a prestigious honor.

New faculty spotlight: Adel Nasiri

Adel Nasiri joined the University of South Carolina as a distinguished professor of electrical engineering in August, following a 16-year career at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. His research on energy conversion, microgrids and batteries has taken on added import as sustainability, efficiency and resilience efforts ramp up during the age of climate change.

IIT student's research examines smart farming through automation

Senior Dakota Larrabee's idea to conduct research on smart farming via an automatic watering system came from his own experiences of forgetting to water his own garden. Now, he has utilized his Integrated Information Technology learning and experiences to simply how produce can be grown.

AI aims to improve telehealth

The COVID-19 pandemic created challenges to the quality of care not only by increasing the number of patients needing mental health treatment, but also by moving many appointments and communications from in-person to telehealth.

CEC's General Atomics Center seeks innovations in nuclear fuels and waste to meet future needs

For the last seven years, the college's General Atomics Center has performed research in relevant areas to meet future energy needs and promote clean and safe nuclear energy.

Developing self-learning ground robotics for controlling combat mechanical systems and solving problems

With more pressure on the military to extend the lifespan of combat systems, Mechanical Engineering Associate Professor Yi Wang has been performing research on optimizing how robotics systems can detect and repair faults and have the power to make decisions.

Utilizing advanced materials to improve efficiency of UV-LEDs

LEDs are increasingly replacing traditional sources of light, such as incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes. Ultraviolet LEDs have limited usage because of low efficiency, but Electrical Engineering Assistant Professor Iftikhar Ahmad is researching on how using new materials can increase effectiveness.

Water resource group studies biopolymers for rehabilitation of levees and earthen dams

With a deficient infrastructure of water resource projects nationwide, Civil and Environmental Engineering Professor Hanif Chaudhry will lead research to determine if biopolymers can be used to strengthen the structures.

Campus Conversation: Michele Lunga

After graduation, I would like to stay in Charleston and work in manufacturing and design for aviation or automotive. Some of my prospective companies include NIWC, the Boeing Company and Volvo. I also enjoy painting in my free time.

Utilizing non-penetrating sensors to improve the process of storing and drying spent nuclear fuel

The current method for storing used nuclear fuel is considered safe, but Mechanical Engineering Professor Travis Knight is working on innovations to improve the technique, such as eliminating instrument insertion and preventing leaks.

Combining mechanical and biomedical engineering and research toward a fulfilling career

Senior Kiersten Crouse has been interested in engineering since her childhood. Through research and experiences inside and outside the College of Engineering and Computing, she is excited to begin her career next year to apply her knowledge for medical applications.

New CEC faculty member hopes to boost student interest in electrical engineering

When Distinguished Professor Adel Nasiri joined the faculty this past August, he brought an extensive experience of establishing electrical engineering research programs and initiatives.

Designing a new material for a vacuum airship rover exploration of Venus

The idea of a vacuum airship was first proposed by Leonardo Di Vinci in the 16th century. Five centuries later, Professor Andrew Gross is working on a NASA-sponsored grant to develop material that could be used to construct a vacuum airship for missions to Venus.

CEC student helps NASA test spacecraft communication

Senior Nick Wood plans to pursue a career in power electronics, and his internship with NASA's Space Communications and Navigation (SCaN) office provided him with valuable experiences, even though it was completed virtually.

New aerospace engineering program satisfying major need in South Carolina

In May 2021, the University of South Carolina graduated the state's first ever class of aerospace engineers. These students are the product of years of behind-the-scenes work by UofSC College of Engineering and Computing faculty and leadership to create an undergraduate aerospace engineering program.

NSWC Dahlgren Division Partners with University of South Carolina Team in NEEC-Funded Project

Over the last two years, a team at the University of South Carolina (USC) led by electrical engineering professor Guoan Wang, developed and tested "novel radio frequency (RF) electrical components that will enable miniaturization and enhancement of high-performance naval communication, electronic warfare and radar systems" in partnership with NSWCDD, according to the project's summary.

Building affordable and hazard-resistant houses with earth bricks and recycled plastic reinforcement

Walls constructed with bricks consisting of materials, including local soil and plastic, have already been successfully tested to withstand the impact of hurricanes, tornadoes and wind-borne debris. Those same walls will now be tested to resist the force of earthquakes.

Harik to advance smart manufacturing in South Carolina with help from National Science Foundation

With a $3.8 million EPSCoR RII Track-2 grant from the National Science Foundation, Harik is committed to strengthening the manufacturing infrastructure in South Carolina and the U.S., from operational technologies and process optimization to developing the essential upskilled workforce to support these future factories.

Producing ethylene through a more environmentally safe process

Eliminating greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and improving chemical manufacturing are two of the intended benefits from Professor Fanglin (Frank) Chen's research on an alternative method of producing ethylene.

Training the next generation of engineers

Mandy Elmore realized early in her career as an engineer that part of her responsibility to the profession was to share her love of engineering, math and science with the next generation. The three-time UofSC graduate is now dean for the Engineering and Industrial Technology Division at Tri-County Technical College.

CEC celebrates 2021 alumni award winners

Each year, the CEC picks alumni who have given back to their alma mater and who have achieved great accomplishments in their field to receive the annual awards. This is the first time the CEC has given out an award specifically for a graduate program alumna.

Using smartwatch tracking technology to ensure accurate medicine-taking process

Professor Homayoun Valafar is utilizing the increasing usage of smartwatches by researching and developing technology that can ensure individuals are adhering to their medication while alerting doctors and health care providers of any inconsistencies.


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