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Department of History

Our People

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Faculty/StaffNameTitleSecondary TitlePhoneEmailKeywordsTags
Faculty Ames, Christine Caldwell Department Chair 803-777-2734 History
Staff Atkinson, Ron History
Staff Augustinos, Gerasimos History
Staff Basil, John D. History
Faculty Berns, Andrew Assistant Professor 803-777-4216 Jewish Studies,History
Faculty Brown, Chuck Information Resource Consultant 803-777-9125 History
Faculty Brown, Thomas J. Professor 803-777-2341 History
Staff Carey, Lori Department Coordinator 803-777-5195 History
Faculty Carter, Dan T. History
Faculty Childs, Matt D. Associate Professor Director Graduate Studies Program 803-777-3189 History
Faculty Clements, Kendrick A. History
Faculty Coenen Snyder, Saskia Associate Professor 803-777-7472 Jewish Studies,Walker Institute,History
Faculty Donaldson, Bobby J. Associate Professor 803-777-6282 History
Faculty Doyle, Don H. Emeritus Faculty 803-777-6068 History
Faculty Edgar, Walter History
Faculty Edwards, Kathryn Professor 803-777-7326 History
Faculty Elfenbein, Jessica Professor 803-777-3282 History
Faculty Ford, Lacy K., Jr. Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Professor 803-777-9939 College of Arts and Sciences,History
Faculty Germany, Kent Associate Professor Director Undergraduate Studies Program 803-777-9587 History
Faculty Grace, Josh Assistant Professor 803-777-2679 History
Faculty Harrison, Carol E. Professor 803-777-6107 History
Faculty Hendricks, Wanda A. Professor 803-777-2184 History
Faculty Holton, Woody Professor 803-777-7611 History
Faculty Johnson, Paul E. History
Faculty Kinzley, W. Dean Dean-Kinzley@SC.EDU History
Faculty Kross, Jessica History
Faculty Kuenzli, E. Gabrielle Assistant Professor 803-777-2872 History
Faculty Lekan, Thomas Associate Professor, History Associate Professor, Earth, Ocean & Environment 803-777-5928 Earth Ocean and Environment,History,Environment and Sustainability,Academic Advisors
Faculty Littlefield, Daniel C. Professor 803-777-0810 History
Faculty Littlefield, Valinda Director of African American Studies Associate Professor 803-777-7248 African American Studies,History
Faculty MacKenzie, S. P. Professor 803-777-5195 History
Faculty Marsh, Allison Associate Professor 803-777-0041 History
Faculty Maskiell, Nicole Assistant Professor 803-777-5195 History
Staff Mcnamara, Tyler Undergraduate Student Advisor 803-576-5512 History
Faculty Melvin-Koushki, Matthew Assistant Professor 803-777-2905 History
Faculty Miller, Page Putnam History
Faculty November, Joseph A. Associate Professor 803-777-5152 History
Faculty Osokina, Elena Professor 803-777-4578 History
Faculty Patel, Dinyar Assistant Professor 803-777-5195 History
Faculty Patterson, Robert B. History
Faculty Perkins, Kenneth J. History
Faculty Peters, Kenneth E. History
Staff Pou, Jay Director of Student Services 803-777-4492 History
Faculty Scardaville, Michael History
Faculty Schor, Adam M. Associate Professor 803-777-1690 History
Faculty Schulz, Constance B. History
Faculty Sklaroff, Lauren Associate Professor 803-576-5817 History
Faculty Smith, Mark M. Carolina Distinguished Professor of History 803-777-6362 History
Faculty Smith, Michael S. History
Faculty Snyder, David J. Senior Lecturer U.S. Foreign Relations 803-777-6394 History
Faculty Spruill, Marjorie J. Professor 803-777-2927 History
Faculty Sullivan, Patricia A. Professor 803-777-2766 History
Faculty Synnott, Marcia G. History
Faculty Terrill, Thomas E. History
Faculty Weir, Robert M. History
Faculty Weyeneth, Robert R. Professor 803-777-6398 History
Faculty Wilder, Colin Assistant Professor and Co-Director of the Center for Digital Humanities 803-777-5195 Wilder History
Faculty Wilson, Clyde N. History