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Department of History

Our People

Faculty/Staff Name Title Secondary Title Phone Email Keywords Department
Faculty Ames, Christine Caldwell Professor 803-777-2734 History
Staff Antonucci, Ryan J. Graduate Student PhD in US History History
Staff Atkinson, Ron Emeritus Faculty History
Staff Augustinos, Gerasimos Emeritus Faculty History
Staff Basil, John D. Emeritus Faculty History
Faculty Berns, Andrew Associate Professor 803-777-4216 History
Staff Bethlenfalvy, Alexandra Graduate Student U.S. History, PhD History
Faculty Brown, Chuck Information Resource Consultant 803-777-5195 History
Staff Brown, Kaley Graduate Student MA Public History/Historic Preservation History
Faculty Brown, Thomas J. Professor 803-777-2341 History
Staff Carey, Lori Department Coordinator 803-777-5195 History
Faculty Carter, Dan T. Emeritus Faculty History
Faculty Childs, Matt D. Associate Professor Director Graduate Studies Program 803-777-3189 History
Faculty Clements, Kendrick A. Emeritus Faculty History
Faculty Coenen Snyder, Saskia Associate Professor 803-777-7472 History
Staff Cutrona, Caitlin Graduate Student MA-Public History History
Faculty Donaldson, Bobby J. Associate Professor 803-777-6282 History
Faculty Doyle, Don H. Emeritus Faculty 803-777-6068 History
Faculty Eatmon, Myisha S. Assistant Professor History
Faculty Edgar, Walter Emeritus faculty History
Faculty Edwards, Kathryn Professor 803-777-7326 History
Faculty Elfenbein, Jessica Department Chair Professor 803-777-3282 History
Staff Eliot, Lewis Graduate Student PhD, History History
Staff Emett, Mike Graduate Student Ph.D. (United States History to 1877) & MA (Public History, Historic Preservation) History
Staff Flores de Apodaca, Roberto O. Graduate Student PhD, US History History
Staff Floyd, Holly Graduate Student MA- Public History, Museum Concentration History
Faculty Ford, Lacy K., Jr. Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Professor 803-777-9939 History
Staff Found, Jill Graduate Student B.A. in History History
Faculty Germany, Kent Professor 803-777-9587 History
Faculty Grace, Josh Assistant Professor 803-777-2679 History
Faculty Harrison, Carol E. Professor 803-777-6107 History
Faculty Hendricks, Wanda A. Distinguished Professor Emerita 803-777-2184 History
Staff Hinderliter, Jillian Graduate Student PhD (U.S. History since 1789) History
Faculty Holton, Woody Professor 803-777-7611 History
Staff Horecny, Zoie Graduate Student PhD (US History to 1877); MA (Public History) History
Staff Hull, W. Maclane Graduate Student BA in History & Economics History
Staff Johnson, Bethany Graduate Student PhD (History of Science, Technology and Environment) History
Faculty Johnson, Paul E. Emeritus Faculty History
Staff Kampmann, Helen B. Graduate Students PhD in History, with concentration in Latin American History MA in Public History, with concentration in Museums and Material Culture History
Faculty Kinzley, W. Dean Professor Emeritus Dean-Kinzley@SC.EDU History
Faculty Kross, Jessica Emeritus Faculty History
Faculty Kuenzli, E. Gabrielle Associate Professor 803-777-2872 History
Staff Larson, Olivia Graduate Student PhD, Us History History
Faculty Lekan, Thomas Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies, History Associate Professor, Earth, Ocean & Environment 803-777-5928 History; Earth, Ocean & Environment College of Arts and Sciences
Faculty Littlefield, Daniel C. Emeritus Faculty 803-777-0810 History
Faculty Littlefield, Valinda Associate Professor 803-777-2747 History
Staff Lockemy, James E. Graduate Student PhD, US History History
Staff Lyle, Kira Graduate Student M.A. Public History, M.L.I.S. History
Faculty MacKenzie, S. P. Professor 803-777-5195 History
Faculty Marsh, Allison Associate Professor 803-777-0041 History
Staff Martin, Emily Graduate Student MA Public History; PhD History History
Faculty Maskiell, Nicole Assistant Professor 803-777-5195 History
Staff Mayes, Josh Graduate Student PhD (18th Century American History) History
Staff Mcnamara, Tyler Undergraduate Student Coordinator 803-576-5512 History
Staff Melton, Jennifer Graduate MA, Public History History
Faculty Melvin-Koushki, Matthew Assistant Professor Peter and Bonnie McCausland Fellow of History 803-777-2905 History
Faculty Miller, Page Putnam History
Faculty November, Joseph A. Associate Professor Director of Graduate Studies 803-777-5152 History
Faculty Osokina, Elena Professor 803-777-4578 History
Faculty Patterson, Robert B. Professor Emeritus History
Staff Patton, Hannah Graduate Student MA, Public History; MLIS, Library & Information Science History
Faculty Perkins, Kenneth J. Emeritus Faculty History
Faculty Peters, Kenneth E. History
Staff Polite, Don S, Jr. Graduate Student PhD (Latin American and Caribbean History) History
Staff Pope, A. Kamau Graduate Student MA, History History
Staff Pou, Jay Director of Student Services 803-777-4492 History
Staff Riley, Stephanie Graduate Student PhD in U.S. History, 1877 to the present History
Faculty Risk, James Instructor 803-777-9194 History
Staff Robertson, Cherare Business Manager 803-777-4503 History
Faculty Scardaville, Michael History
Faculty Schor, Adam M. Associate Professor 803-777-1690 History
Faculty Schulz, Constance B. History
Faculty Sklaroff, Lauren Professor 803-576-5817 History
Faculty Smith, Mark M. Carolina Distinguished Professor of History 803-777-6362 History
Faculty Smith, Michael S. Emeritus Faculty History
Faculty Snyder, David J. Clinical Associate Professor of History and Global Studies U.S. Foreign Relations 803-777-6394 History
Faculty Spruill, Marjorie J. Emeritus Professor 803-777-2927 History
Staff Steiner, Madeline Graduate Student PhD (U.S. History since 1789) History
Faculty Sullivan, Patricia A. Professor 803-777-2766 History
Faculty Synnott, Marcia G. Emeritus Faculty History
Faculty Terrill, Thomas E. Emeritus Faculty History
Staff Thompson, Hannah N. Graduate Student MA-Public History, Museum Studies History
Staff Todd, Carlie N. Graduate Student PhD (U.S. History – Twentieth Century) & MA (Public History – Historic Preservation) History
Staff Turnmire, Rebekah Graduate Student PhD with Public History Field (US History since 1789) History
Faculty Varlik, Nukhet Associate Professor History
Staff Walgren, Andrew Graduate Student PhD, US History History
Staff Weaver, Paige Graduate Student PhD (United States History to 1877) & MA (Public History, Museums) History
Faculty Weir, Robert M. Emeritus Faculty History
Faculty Weyeneth, Robert R. Professor 803-777-6398 History
Faculty Wilder, Colin Assistant Professor and Assistant Director of the Center for Digital Humanities 803-777-5195 Wilder History
Faculty Wilson, Clyde N. History
Staff Young, Rachel Graduate Student MA Public History / MLIS Dual Degree History

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