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Department of History

  • America's founding fathers

The Digital Edition

The Papers of the Revolutionary Era Pinckney Statesmen will be published as a born‑digital edition by Rotunda, the digital imprint of the University of Virginia Press, in its “American Founding Era Collection.” The edition will be released in four sections or volumes between 2016 and 2020. Volume 1, “Young Revolutionaries,” covering the years 1769–1792 in approximately 500 documents, will appear in 2016. Volume 2, “Diplomacy Abroad and Politics at Home,” treating 1792–1800 in approximately 1,000 documents, will be released in 2018. Volume 3, “National Leadership,” taking in 1801–1815 in approximately 1,000 documents, will appear in 2019. Volume 4, “Mature Statesmen,” covering 1816–1828 in approximately 500 documents, will complete the edition in 2020.




The American Founding Era Collection. Charlottesville: Rotunda, University of Virginia Press, 2008– .

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