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Department of History

  • A group of students pose for a photo in front of shelves of books at the library.

    A gateway to community

    A history degree begins with our intro class. Get acquainted with your classmates and the historian's craft.

Undergraduate Program

Earning a B.A. in history helps you become a skilled writer, reader, speaker and critical thinker. Our award-winning faculty, unique course offerings and hands-on research opportunities prepare you to excel in college and in your future career.

Expand your understanding of the world

Through our diverse and highly collaborative courses, you will gain knowledge and insights about the present through stories of the past.

Students of history become well-rounded people with exceptional interpersonal skills. Our graduates find careers in a variety of fields and thrive in jobs where communication is a key component:

  • history
  • education
  • politics and law
  • writing, journalism or public relations
  • business and nonprofit administration
  • public service roles

Build useful skills by studying history

Your experience studying history in our department will help you excel in college and beyond with many transferable skills:

  • Communication: writing, public speaking and debate
  • Organizing information: working with primary sources and archives
  • Critical thinking: understand context and complex analysis
  • Scholarship: lifelong learning and sharing your knowledge

Make history with your major

Our B.A. degree emphasizes research, with access to primary source materials through archives and hands-on experience. Learn to read source materials with proper context and contribute to a dynamic field.

Research and write a thesis

History majors have many opportunities for original research, including a senior thesis, with the support of our faculty. After completing your senior thesis, you will be prepared for graduate school and have a competitive edge for entering the workforce.

The Bachelor of Arts with Distinction expands on the experience of a traditional history student through additional learning and exceptional accomplishments.


Explore history with a minor

Whether you study social sciences and cultural studies or literary and language arts, history courses will enhance your academic experience at USC. A minor in history provides a solid foundation for lifelong learning and an appreciation for the historian’s craft.


Focus on public history for undergraduates

Thanks to the resources shared by our esteemed public history program, undergraduates can take courses that show what’s possible for a professional historian. You can make public history your focus area for your B.A. degree or try out this innovative field through various courses​ for undergraduates. You can also work in a museum or archive for class credit.

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.