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All University of South Carolina system institutions will be closed through the end of the spring semester. Columbia campus virtual instruction will continue through the conclusion of final exams in May. Details can be found on the coronavirus landing page.

Department of History

Recent Graduates

Recent Graduate Student Completions


PhD Students

Stephanie Gray. Topic: “Restoring America: Historic Preservation and the New Deal.” Advisor: Lauren Sklaroff. Current position: Assistant Professor of Public History, Duquesne University.

Sam King. Topic: “Exclusive Dining: Immigration and Restaurants during the Era of Chinese Exclusion.” Advisor: Lauren Sklaroff. Current position: Adjunct Professor, National Louis University.

Patrick O’Brien. Topic: “’Unknown and Unlamented’: Loyalist Women in Nova Scotia from Exile to Repatriation 1775-1800.” Advisor: Woody Holton. Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Ave Maria University.

Oscar Doward. Topic: “Race, War, and Patriotism: The Evolution of African American Army Combat…” Advisor: Paul MacKenzie. Current position: United States Military.

Ramon Jackson. Topic: “Leaders in the Making: Higher Education, Student Activism, and the Black…” Advisor: Bobby Donaldson. Current position: South Carolina Department of Archives and History.

Cane West. Topic: “Learning the Land: Indians, Settlers, and Slaves in the Southern Borderlands, 1500-1850.” Advisor: Woody Holton. Current position: National Park Service.

M.A. Public History Students

Jennifer Melton. Topic: “Complicating the Narrative: Using Jim’s Story to Interpret Enslavement, Leasing and Resistance at Duke Homestead.” Advisor: Tom Brown. Current position: USC Center for Civil Rights History and Research.

Chelsea Grayburn. Topic: “Useful Beauty: Tiffany Favrile, Carnival Glass, and Consumerism at the Turn of the Twentieth Century.” Advisor: Allison Marsh.

Patrice Green. Topic: “For the Common Man: An Analysis of the United States Space and Rocket Center.” Advisor: Allison Marsh. Current position: Research and Instruction Librarian, Special Collections Libraries, University of Georgia.

Katelynn Hatton. Topic: “Made to be Forgotten: The Chevalier de Saint-Sauveur & the Franco-American Alliance.” Advisor: Tom Brown.

Kate Schoen. Topic: “Raising America Racist: How 1920’s Klanswomen Used Education to Implement Systemic Racism.” Advisor: Tom Brown.

M.A. History Students

Roberto Flores de Apodaca. Topic: “Learning Church: Catechisms and Catechizing in Early New England.” Advisor: Woody Holton. Current position: PhD student, USC Department of History.


Ph.D. Students

Candace Cunningham. Topic: “’I Hope They Fire Me:’ Black Teachers in the Fight for Equal Education 1910s…” Advisor: Bobby Donaldson.

Gabriella Angeloni. Topic: “Reading Material: Personal Libraries and the Cultivation of Identity in Revolutionary South Carolina”. Advisor: Dan Littlefield.

Sadegh Foghani. Topic: “Ayatollahs and Embryos: Science, Politics, and Religion in…” Advisor: Joe November.

Antony Keane-Dawes. Topic: “A Divisive Community: Race, Nation, and Loyalty in Santo Domingo, 1822-1849.” Advisor: Matt Childs.

Brian Robinson. Topic: “The Popular Education Question in Antebellum South Carolina, 1800-1860.” Advisor: Val Littlefield.

Kate McFadden. Topic: “Garagecraft: Tinkering in the American Garage.” Advisor: Joe November.

Gary Sellick. Topic: “Black Men, Red Coats: The Carolina Corps, Race, and Society in the Revolutionary British Atlantic.” Advisor: Woody Holton.

Alexandria Russell. Topic: “Sites Seen and Unseen: Mapping African American Women’s Public Memorialization…” Advisor: Wanda Hendricks.

M.A. Public History Students

Olivia Brown. Topic: “‘Catering to the Local Trade’: Jewish-Owned Grocery Stores in Columbia, South Carolina.” Advisor: Lauren Sklaroff.

Moira Church. Topic: “Gladys Bentley and the Performance of Identity.” Advisor: Lauren Sklaroff.

Liz Koele. Topic: “‘Remember Them Not for How They Died’: American Memory and the Challenger Accident.” Advisor: Allison Marsh.

Emmaline Smith. Topic: “They Went to the Field and Were Forgotten: Female Civil War Soldiers in Public Memory.” Advisor: Bob Weyeneth.

Charlotte Adams. Topic: “Beyond Preservation: Reconstructing Sites of Slavery, Reconstruction, and Segregation.” Advisor: Bob Weyeneth.

Paul Bartow. Topic: “Politics and the Built Environment: Civic Structures of Eighteenth Century Williamsburg, Virginia and Charleston, South Carolina.” Advisor: Woody Holton.

Katy Kaslow. Topic: “Anti-Sabbatarianism in Antebellum America: The Christian Quarrel Over the Sanctity of Sunday.” Advisor: Nicole Maskiell.

M.A. History Students

Megan Bennett. Topic: “The Lost Ones: The Cold War State, Child Welfare Systems, and the Battles Over the Rosenberg Children.” Advisor: Lauren Sklaroff.

Burke Dial. Topic: “Constructing Scientific Knowledge: The Understanding of the Slow Virus, 1898-1976.” Advisor: Joe November.

Michelle Herbelin. Topic: “Of Cannonades and Battlecries: Aurality, The Battle of the Alamo, and Memory.” Advisor: Mark Smith.

Kyle Sanders. Topic: “Perks of Perkins: Understanding Where Magic and Religion Meet for an Early Modern English Theologian.” Advisor: Kay Edwards.

Sarah Paulsen. Topic: “Black Power and Neighborhood Organizing in Minneapolis, MN: The Way Community Center, 1966-1971.”


Ph.D. Students

Jennifer Gunter. Topic: “Sex and the State: Sexual Politics in SC in the 1970s.” Advisor: Marjorie Spruill. Current position: Bridge Humanities Corps Fellow, University of South Carolina.

Erin Holmes. Topic: “Within the House of Bondage: Constructing and Negotiating the Plantation Landscape in the British Atlantic World, 1670-1820.” Advisor: Woody Holton. Current position: Andrew W. Mellon Post-Doctoral Curatorial Fellow at the American Philosophical Society.

Andrew Kettler. Topic: “Odor and Power in the Americas: Olfactory Consciousness from Columbus to Emancipation.” Advisor: Mark Smith. Current position: Adjunct Instructor, University of South Carolina

Matthew Lockhart. Topic: “From Rice Fields to Duck Marshes: Sport Hunters and Environmental Changes…” Advisor: Bob Weyeneth. Current position: Editor, South Carolina Historical Magazine

James Risk. Topic: “Lamps, Maps, Mud-Machines, and Signal Flags: Science, Technology, and Commerce in the Early United States.” Advisor: Allison Marsh. Current position: Adjunct Instructor, University of South Carolina

Jennifer Taylor. Topic: “Rebirth of the House Museum: The Woodrow Wilson Family Home and…” Advisor: Allison Marsh. Current position: Assistant Professor of Public History, Duquesne University

Mark VanDriel. Topic: “Buy For the Sake of Your Baby: Guardian Consumerism in Twentieth Century America.” Advisor: Marjorie Spruill.


M.A. Public History Students

Joshua Whitfield. Current position: Curator, Amelia Island Museum of History

Catherine Davenport Flowers. Current position: Academic Advisor, University of South Carolina Honors College

Justin Davis

John Lustrea. Current position: Museum of Civil War Medicine

Cane West. Current position: PhD student, University of South Carolina Department of History


M.A. History Students

Christian Lear



Ph.D. Students

Randall Owens. Topic: “G.I. Joe v. Jim Crow: Legal Battles over Off-Base School Segregation of Military Children in the American South, 1962-1964,” Advisor: Marjorie Spruill. Current position: United States Air Force

Caroline Peyton. Topic: “Radioactive Dixie: A History of Nuclear Power and Nuclear Waste in the American South, 1950-1990,” Advisor: Kent Germany


Neal Polhemus. Topic: “A Culture of Commodification: Hemispheric and Intercolonial Migrations in the Transatlantic Slave Trade, 1660-1807.” Advisor: Matt Childs.


Chaz Yingling. Topic: “Colonialism Unraveling: Race, Religion, and National Belonging in Santo Domingo during the Age of Revolutions.” Advisor: Matt Childs.


Jamie Wilson. Topic: “Proslavery Thinking in Antebellum South Carolina: Higher Education, Transatlantic Encounters, and the Life of the Mind.” Advisor: Mark Smith. Current position: Adjunct Instructor, University of South Carolina


M.A. Public History Students

Kyle Bjornson. Current position: Buffalo Bill Center of the West

Stephanie Gray. Current position: Ph.D. student, University of South Carolina

Sarah Lerch. Current position: Museum Educator, Pennsylvania Trolley Museum

Chris Fite. Current position: PhD student, University of Pennsylvania

Janie Campbell. Current position: Rogers Lewis Jackson Mann & Quinn, LLC, Columbia

Alyssa Constad. Current position: General Foundation of Women’s Clubs, Washington DC

Kathy Keenan. Current position: Honors College, USC

Sarah Moore

Will Mundhenke. Current position: Park Ranger for the National Park Service at Capulin Volcano National Monument

Gary Sellick. Current position: Ph.D. student, University of South Carolina

Allison Baker

Casey Lee. Current position: Tennessee Historical Commission, Nashville TN




Ph.D. Students

Alan Driggers.  Topic: “Boundary Stones: Morbid Concretions and the Chemistry of Early Nineteenth Century Medicine,”  Advisor: Ann Johnson.  Current Position: Assistant Professor, Tennessee Technical University.

Evan Kutzler.  Topic: “The Sensory Environments of Civil War Prisons,”  Advisor: Mark M. Smith. Current position: Assistant Professor, Georgia Southwestern State University.

Timothy Minella.  Topic: “Knowing America: The Enlightenment, Science, and the Early Republic,”  Advisor: Ann Johnson. Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Bill and Carol Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry, Emory University

Rachel Monroy.  Topic: “On the Trade Winds of Faith: Puritan Networks in the making of the Seventeenth-Century Atlantic World,” Advisor:  Daniel C. Littlefield.

Nathan Saunders.  Topic: “Megachurches in America,” Advisor: Lawrence Glickman.  Current Position: Curator of Manuscripts, South Caroliniana Library, University of South Carolina.

Mark T. Evans. Topic: “Main Street, America: Histories of I-95”. Advisor: Mark Smith.


M.A. Public History Students

Clara Bertagnolli

Kate Crosby. Current position: Curator of Exhibitions, McKissick Museum, University of South Carolina.

Kristie DaFoe. Current position: Tryon Palace, North Carolina

Diana Garnett. Current position: HDR Architectural and Engineering, Colorado

Britney Ghee

Kayla Halberg. Current position: Historic Charleston Foundation, South Carolina

Max Imberman

Robert Olguin



Ph. D. Students

David Dangerfield.  Topic: “A Hard Row to Hoe: Free Black Farmers in the Antebellum South,” Advisor: Mark M. Smith.  Current Position: Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina, Salkahatchie.

Laura Foxworth.  Topic:  The Spiritual is Political: The Modern Women’s Movement and the Transformation of the Southern Baptist Convention,” Advisor:  Marjorie Spruill.  Current Position: Managing Editor, French Historical Studies.

Margaret Gillikin.  Topic: “Saint Dominguan Refugees in Charleston, SC, 1791-1822: Assimilation Accomodation in a Slave Society,”  Advisor: Daniel C. Littlefield:  Current Position: Assistant Professor, Winthrop University.

Tyler Parry.  Topic:  “Love and Marriage: Domestic Relations and Matrimonial Strategies Among the Enslaved in the Atlantic World,”  Advisor: Daniel C. Littlefield.  Current Position: Assistant Professor, California State University, Fullerton.

Eric Rose.  Topic: “The Charleston School of Slavery: Race, Religion and Community in the Capital of Southern Civilization,”  Advisor:  Lacy Ford. Current position: Adjunct Professor, University of South Carolina

Sarah Scripps.  “Science Fairs before Sputnik: Adolescent Hobbyists and the Formation of Youth Scientific Communities in Contemporary America,” Advisor: Allison Marsh.  Current Position:  Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point.

Glenda Elizabeth Sherouse.  Topic: “The Politics of Homosexuality in the Twentieth Century Black Freedom Struggle”  Advisor:  Patricia Sullivan.  Current Position:  ACLS Public Fellow, Human Rights Campaign.

Ann Tucker.  “Newest Born of Nations: Southern Thought on European Nationalisms and the Creation of the Confederacy, 1820-1865,”  Advisor:  Don Doyle.  Current Position:  Assistant Professor, University of North Georgia.

Luci Vaden.  Topic:  “The Corridor of Shame: The African-American Struggle for Quality Education after Jim Crow,”  Advisor:  Patricia Sullivan. Current position: Instructor, Liberty University 


M.A. Public History Students

Kimberly Campbell.  Current Position:  Historic Macon Foundation, Georgia.

Brian Dolphin.  Current Position:  Columbia Museum of Art.

Timothy Hyder. Current Position:  Spartanburg County Historical Assoication

Meg Southern.  Current Position:  University of South Carolina




Ph. D. Students

Tiffany Nicole Florvil.  Topic: “Writing Across Differences: Afro-Germans, Gender and Diaspora, 197—1990s,”  Advisor:  Ann Johnson.  Current Position:  Assistant Professor, University of New Mexico.

Robert Lass.  Topic: “The United States Air Force and the Origins of the Information Age,”  Advisor: S.P. MacKenzie.  Current Position:  Air University.

Barry Malone. Topic: “Divine Discontent: Nathan Carter Newbold, White Liberals, Black Education and the Making of the Jim Crow South,”  Advisor:  Valinda Littlefield.  Current Position: Associate Professor, Wake Technical Community College.

Tara Strauch.  Topic: “Taking Oaths and Giving Thanks: Ritual and Religion in Revolutionary America,”  Advisor: Daniel C. Littlefield.  Current Position:  Assistant Professor, Centre College.


M.A. Public History Students

Angi Fuller-Wildt. Current Position:  University of South Carolina.

Shane Lesko.   Current Position:  Americans for Prosperity, Iowa.

Caitlin Mans. Current Position:  Aurora History Museum, Colorado.

Amanda Noll.  Current Position:  Lowcountry Digital History Initiative, College of Charleston.

Kary Pardy. Current Position:  Pook and Pook Auction House, Pennsylvania.

Caroline Sexton. Current Position:  Spartanburg County Historical Association




Ph.D. Students

Joshua Burgess.  Topic:  “Tracing the Finger of God: The Role of Wonders in Catholic Spirituality in Early America,”  Advisor:  Jessica Kross.

Ehren Foley.  Topic: “Masculinity and Reconstruction in South Carolina,”  Advisor:  Mark M. Smith.  Current Position:  National Register of Historic Places, South Carolina Department of Achives and History.

Phillip C. Richardson, Jr.  Topic:  Gaslight, Progress, and the Old South, 1801-1865,”  Advisor:  Mark M. Smith.  Current Position: Assistant Professor William Carey University.

Michael Woods.  Topic: “The History of Emotion and the Coming of the US Civil War,” Advisor:  Mark M. Smith.  Current Position:  Assistant Professor, Marshall University.


M.A. Public History Students

Katherine Thompson Allen. Current Position:  South Caroliniana Library.


Sarah Conlon. Current Position:  Mississippi Department of Archives and History.


Gabrielle Dudley. Current Position:  Emory University Libraries, Georgia.


Haley Grant. Current Position:  Savannah River Archaeological Research Program.


Katherine Klein. Current Position:  Smithsonian National Museum of American History, Washington, D.C.


Evan Kutzler.  Current Position:  Completed USC Ph.D. program.


Caitlin Podas. Current Position:  Mississippi Museum of Art.


Jo Ann Zeise. Current Position:  South Carolina State Museum.




Ph.D. Students

Justin Liles.  Topic: “Thomas Sumter’s Law: Slavery in the Southern Backcountry During the American Revolution,”  Advisor:  Daniel C. Littlefield.  Current Position:  Instructor, Colorado Mesa University.


Rebecca Miller.  Topic: “Reporting Race and Resistance in Dixie: The White Mississippi Press and Civil Right, 1944-1964,”  Advisor: Patricia Sullivan.  Current Position:  Assistant Professor, University of Missouri, Kansas City.


Mary Mac Ogden.  Topic: “Wil Lou Gray and the Politics of Progress in South Carolina,”  Advisor:  Wanda Hendricks.  Current Position:  Assistant Professor, South College.


Rebecca Swanson.  Topic: “Comparative Analysis of Natural Disasters,”  Advisor:  Mark M. Smith.  Current Position:  Associate Vice Provost, North Carolina State University.


M.A. Public History Students

Jennifer Betsworth. Current Position:  New York State Historic Preservation Office.


Rebecca Bush. Current Position:  Columbus Museum, Georgia.


Lee Durbetaki. Current Position:  Historical Consultant, Oregon.


Sarah Swinney Epps. Current Position:  Half Price Books, Oklahoma.


Laura Foxworth.  Current Position:  Completed USC Ph.D. program.


Anjuli Granthami. Current Position:  Baranov Museum, Alaska.


Justin McIntyre. Current Position:  Ellwood National Forge, Pennsylvania.


Sarah Scripps.  Current Position:  Completed USC Ph.D. program.


Ashley Stevens. Current Position:  Texas State Library and Archives Commission.


Claire White. Nantucket Historical Association, Massachusetts




Ph.D. Students

David S. Brown.  Topic:  “Pathways to Power: Charleston Physicians, 1790-1860,”  Advisor: Don H. Doyle.


Michelle Coffey.  Topic: “Proving for our Communities, Protecting Our Race, Proving Ourselves: African American Activism and Protest in Depression Era New Orleans,” Advisor:  Wanda Hendricks.  Current Position:  Instructor, University of Memphis.


D. Lee McAbee.  Topic:  “Papist Peers and Politics: The Roman Catholic Nobility of England, 1688-1719,”  Advisor:  Kathryn Edwards.


David Prior.  Topic: “Reconstruction Unbound: American Worldviews in a Period of Promise and Conflict, 1865-1974,” Advisor:  Mark M. Smith.  Current Position:  Assistant Professor, University of New Mexico.


Kathryn M. Silva.  Topic: “Six Days Thou Shalt Labor: African-Americans in the Southern Textile Industry, 1895-1929,”  Advisor:  Valinda Littlefield.  Current Position:  Assistant Professor, Utica College.


Louis Venters.  Topic:  “Most Great Reconstruction: The Baha’I Faith in Jim Crow South Carolina,”  Advisor:  Patricia Sullivan.  Current Position:  Assistant Professor Francis Marion University.


M.A. Public History Students

Liz Almlie. Current Position:  South Dakota State Historic Preservation Office.


Ashley Bouknight. Current Position:  The Hermitage: Home of President Andrew Jackson, Tennessee.


Ruth Chan. Current Position:  National Museum of the Pacific War, California.


Kyna Herzinger. Current Position:  North Carolina State Archives.


Celia James.  Current Position:  Historic Columbia


Amanda Roddy Holland. Current Position:  Mosaic Templars Cultural Center, Arkansas.


Amanda Bowman Machik. Current Position:  Daniel Boone Homestead, Pennsylvania.


Lauren Safranek. Current Position:  Smithsonian National Museum of American History, Washington, D.C.




M.A. Public History Students


Jami Cassidy Boone. Current Position:  South Carolina Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum.


Halie Brazier. Current Position:  South Carolina State Library.


Carrie Giauque. Current Position:  C & K Historic Consulting, Maryland


Nate Johnson. Current Position:  National Park Service, Washington, D.C.


Morgen Young. Current Position:  Alder, LLC, Oregon.




Ph.D. Students

Sara Eye Burrows.  Topic:  “Left to Our Fate: South Carolina Women During the Civil War and Reconstruction,”  Advisor:  Lacy Ford.  Current Position:  University of South Carolina.


Neal Millikan.  Topic: “Willing to be in Fortune’s Wary: Lotteries in the Eighteenth Century British North American Empire,”  Advisor:  Jessica Kross.  Current Position:  

Digital Projects Editor, Adams Papers (Massachusetts Historical Society).”


Christopher Rounds.  Topic:  “Ireland for Sale: The Marketing and Consumerism of Irish-American Identity,”  Advisor:  Lawrence Glickman.  Current Position:


Simmons Tate.  Topic:  “South Carolina’s Reception of English Law,”  Advisor: Lacy Ford.


M.A. Public History Students

Alisha Cromwell. Current Position:  PhD candidate, University of Georgia.


Jan Levinson Hebbard. Current Position:  Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, Georgia.


Santi Thompson. Current Position:  University of Houston Libraries, Texas.


Lindsay Weathers.  Current Position:  Midlands Technical College.




Ph.D. Students

Eric Cheezum.  Topic:  “Discovering Chessie: Waterfront, Regional Identity, and the Chesapeake Bay Sea Monster, 1960-1920,” Advisor: Kendrick Clements.  Current Position: Chesapeake College.


Scott Hileman.  Topic:  “Sir Thomas Picton, 1758-1815,”  Advisor:  Owen Connelly.  Current Position:  Associate Professor Martin Methodist College.


Rebecca Shrum.  Topic: “Mirroring Others/Fashioning Selves: A History of the Looking Glass in America,”  Advisor:  Mark M. Smith.  Current Position:  Assistant Professor, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.


M.A Public History Students

Lindsay Crawford Crick. Current Position:   University of Kansas Endowment.


McKenzie Kubly Falvo. Current Position:  State Farm Insurance, Washington.


J.R. Fennell. Current Position:  Lexington County Museum.


Matt Hebert. Current Position:  United States Department of Justice, Washington, D.C.


Kate O’Donnell Hopfer. Current Position:  Texas State Historical Association.


Ashley Bowden Hunnicutt. Current Position:  Mercer University, Georgia.


Alexis Thompson Rager. Current Position:  National Museum of the Marine Corps, Washington, D.C.


Patricia Shandor. Current Position:  Lexington County Museum.


Jim Steele. Current Position:  North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources.


Steven Wells.  Current Position:  City Council, Georgia


Christopher Ziegler. Current Position:  National Park Service, Montana.




Ph.D. Students

Jacob Blosser.  Topic: “Pursuing Happiness: Cultural Discourse and Popular Religion in Anglican Virginia, 1700-1770,”  Advisor: Jessica Kross.  Current Position:  Associate Professor, Texas Women’s University.


Aaron Haberman.  Topic:  “Civil Rights on the Right: The Modern Christian Right and the Crusade for School Prayer,”  Advisor:  Patrick Maney.  Current Position:  Associate Professor, University of Northern Colorado.


Jimmy Randall Grant.  Topic:  “Louis Francis Budenz: The Origins of a Professional Anti-Communist,”  Advisor: Kendrick Clements.  Current Position:  Spartanburg Methodist College.


Kathleen Hilliard.  Topic: “Spending in Black and White: The Slaves’ Economy in the Antebellum South,”  Advisor:  Mark M. Smith.  Current Position:  Associate Professor Iowa State University. 


Adam Mack.  Topic: “Good Things to Eat in Suburbia: Supermarkets and American Consumer Culture, 1930-1970,”  Advisor:  Lawrence Glickman.  Current Position:  Associate Professor, School of the Art Insitute of Chicago.


Aaron Marrs.  Topic: “The Iron Horse Turns South: A Cultural History of Antebellum Southern Railroads,”  Advisor:  Mark M. Smith.  Current Position:  Office of the Historian, State Department.


Brion McClanahan.  Topic:  “A Lonely Opposition: James A. Bayard, Jr. and the American Civil War,”  Advisor: Clyde Wilson.


Eric Plaag.  Topic: “Strangers in a Strange Land: Northern Travellers and the Coming of the American Civil War,”  Advisor:  Mark M. Smith. Current position: Founder and Principal Consultant, Carolina Historical Consulting, LLC.


Brenda Schoolfield.  Topic: “For the Better Relief of the Poor of this Parish: Public Poor Relief in Eighteenth Century Charles Town, South Carolina,”  Advisor: Jessica Kross.  Current Position:  Bob Jones University.


Melissa Jane Taylor.  Topic: “Experts in Misery: American Consuls in Austria, Jewish Refugees, and Restrictionist Immigration Policy, 1938-1941.”  Advisor: Robert Herzstein.  Current Position: Office of the Historian, State Department.


Kelli C. Walsh.  Topic: “Oveta Culp Hobby: A Transformational Leader from the Texas Legislature to Washington, DC,”  Advisor:  Marcia Synnott.  Current Position: Associate Professor, Fayetteville State University.

M.A Public History Students

Lauren Ham Ayers. Current Position:  Maryland Humanities Council.


Anna Kuntz Elam. Current Position:  Seattle Art Museum, Washington.


Stephanie Stewart. Current Position:  Hoover Institution Archives, Stanford University, California.




Ph.D. Students

Tyler Boulware.  Topic: “Rim of the Gap: Negotiating Identity on the Southern Colonial Frontier,”  Advisor:  Jessica Kross.  Current Position:  Associate Professor, West Virginia University.


Kevin Dawson.  Topic: “Enslaved Watermen in the Atlantic World, 1444-1888,”  Advisor:  Daniel C. Littlefield.  Current Position: Associate Professor, University of California, Merced. 


Wes Gantt.  Topic:  “Irish Terrorism, British Counter-Terrorism and United States Foreign Policy, 1865-1922,”  Advisor: Kendrick Clements.  Current Position: University of South Carolina.


Jeremy Richards.  Topic: “The Political Life of Stanley Fletcher Morse,”  Advisor: Marcia Synnott.  Current Position: Associate Professor, Gordon State College.


M.A Public History Students

Heather Carpini. Current Position:  S&ME Historical Consulting.


Drusilla Carter. Current Position:  Willimantic Public Library, Connecticut.


Rebekah Dobrasko. Current Position:  Texas Department of Transportation.


Jody Graichen. Current Position:  Historic Preservation Consultant, Georgia


Elizabeth Coker Hamlett. Current Position:  Furman University.


Krissy Dunn Johnson. Current Position:  The Hammond School.


Georgette Mayo. Current Position:  Avery Research Center for African American History and Culture.


Staci Richey. Current Position:  City of Columbia Planning and Preservation Office.


Beth Wiedower. Current Position:  National Trust for Historic Preservation, Texas.

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