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Palmetto College

Bachelor of Arts in English

Our English graduates become expert readers, critical thinkers, and analyzers of a range of literary, cultural, historical, digital, visual, and media texts.

The Palmetto College Online Bachelor of Arts in English is issued by USC Upstate, one of USC’s senior campuses.


Palmetto College’s Bachelor of Arts in English is designed to help students develop strong skills in critical thinking, analysis, empathy, cultural competence, leadership, written communication, research and reading--skills that are essential in a range of careers. The English curriculum exposes students to the full breadth of English studies--from linguistics to creative writing, from Shakespeare to digital media and film. Students choose their own path through advanced courses in:

  • Literature and Film: Students can take as many as seven film classes, including production, writing, and analysis, to fill requirements in the English major. Courses that emphasize literature and film provide a great foundation for cross-cultural understanding and interpersonal communication and empathy, and the curriculum offers solid preparation for students pursuing graduate study.
  • Creative and Professional Writing: Students in writing courses explore creative genres in fantasy, young adult literature, creative non-fiction, and novels. Professional writing courses prepare students for careers in grant writing, writing for the Web, freelance writing and editing, and multimedia production combining text and video/audio in digital storytelling.
  • English for Speakers of Other Languages: Students learn linguistic and second language acquisition principles and apply them in service learning experiences with English Language Learners in adult education or area K-12 schools. Some students even take their service learning global through spring break study abroad in Central America.
  • or a combination of all areas through General English Studies.

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Why should I complete a bachelor's degree in English?

Through a bachelor’s degree in English graduates are prepared for careers in law, professional, technical, and creative writing, editing, publishing, library and archival science, informatics and data analytics, digital media and Web development, researching, business and community administration, intelligence and military analysis, public relations and marketing, the film and popular culture industry, as well as teaching English both in the U.S. and abroad.


Prerequisites and Requirements

To apply for this online degree program, students must have:

  • At least 30 credit hours from a regionally accredited institution
  • Minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA
  • Recommended completion of the following courses:
    • Composition (two semesters)
    • Math
    • Public Speaking or Interpersonal Communication
    • Natural Science with a Lab
    • Natural Science with or without a Lab
    • Social or Behavioral Science courses
    • Two semesters of World Language or placement into the semester 3 course (non-negotiable prerequisite)
    • Fine Arts
    • American History or American Government

Students who have not completed these requirements can do so at any of our Palmetto College campuses statewide, at any technical college, or online through USC Upstate.


Program Length

If you’re a full-time student transferring in 30 hours, the program should take about 3 years—the same as if you were attending class in-person. If you work, you may need to take a lighter course load. Talk to an advisor about how to balance Palmetto College classes with your schedule. 


Ready to get started?

New terms begin six times per year. Follow the application instructions for this degree to start the enrollment process.

If you have questions or would like an unofficial pre-evaluation of your college work before applying please call, chat, or email us today! Our trained representatives can create a plan that takes into account your earned credits and your unique circumstances.

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