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Principles of Marketing BADM 350 - Principles of Marketing (Credits: 3) BADM 350
Marketing functions, trade channels, price policies, expenses and profits of middlemen, and public policy with respect to marketing practices.

Business Finance (Credits: 3) BADM 363
The study of the procurement and management of wealth by privately owned profit-seeking enterprises.

Principles of Management & Leadership (Credits: 3) BADM 371
A comprehensive survey of the basic principles of management applicable to all forms of business. The course provides the student with a basis for thinking about complex business situations in the framework of analysis of the management process.

Social, Legal & Ethical Aspects of Business (Credits: 3) BADM 379
Study of how the social, legal, economic, political, technological and ecological dimensions of the external environment affect business.  Specific topics include values and ethics in business, business and government relations, corporate social performance, stakeholder responsibility, corporate governance, and business law.

International Business (Credits: 3) BADM 383
Introduces the student to economic, financial, legal, political, cultural, institutional, and managerial considerations associated with international business transactions.

Business Information Management (Credits: 3) BADM 390
An examination of principal technologies, concepts and skills related to managing business information. Project work includes development of information management applications using spreadsheet and databases.

Strategic Management (Credits: 3) BADM 478
A study of the formulation and application of functionally integrated business policy by top management. Emphasis is on decision making in the face of changing condition.

Business Communications (Credits: 3) BADM 345
This course provides an examination of methods, protocol, communication ethics and cross-cultural communications. Appropriate use of various forms of communication within a managerial context will also be discussed. Students develop and enhance communication skills through extensive business writing assignments, public speaking/presentations, role plays, business case analysis, and mock interviews.

Human Resource Management (Credits: 3) MGMT 374
A development of an understanding of personnel administration as a staff function through a study of modern-day concepts and practices. Topics include: research and standards, employment, training and education, safety and health, employee services and industrial relations.

Organization Behavior (Credits: 3) MGMT 376
A study of the process of integrating people into a work situation that motivates them to work together productively, cooperatively and with economic, psychological and social satisfaction.

Management & Operations of Small Business (Credits: 3) MGMT 473
Analyzes management and operations of a small business, including study of an existing small business. Examines the areas of management, finance, marketing and credit as they apply to a small business.

Operations & Supply Chain Management (Credits: 3) MGMT 475
This course examines strategic, operating, and control decisions involved in manufacturing and services organizations. Principles governing an integrated supply chain that includes the planning basics, inventory management, lean systems and constraint management will be discussed.

Organization Theory (Credits: 3) MGMT 477
A conceptual framework for the orderly analysis of management functions through studies in organization planning and control theories.

Labor Relations (Credits: 3) MGMT 378
A study of the development and methods of labor unions and employee associations in organization. Labor disputes, collective bargaining techniques, contents of contracts and public policies are analyzed from the standpoints of economics and law. Topics covered in detail include employee representation, company unions, strikes, boycotts, lockouts, and trade agreements.

International Management (Credits: 3) MGMT 411
Applies the basic principles of management and leadership to the firm operating internationally. Emphasis is on the management functions of leading, planning, organizing, and controlling, as well as the conduct of labor relations, within the framework of a multicultural environment.

e-Business Management (Credits: 3) MGMT 442
This course provides a fundamental understanding of the issues for management of an e-business. It encompasses an overview of the essential components necessary in conducting business over the internet. Topics covered include an e-business plan and an implementation strategy, e-commerce issues, Web design and content issues, customer relationship management, business intelligence issues, e-marketing concepts, enterprise resource management, supply-chain management, and global dimensions of e-business.

Project Management (Credits: 3) BADM 494
A study of general principles of project management which includes concepts related to management of technology, people, stakeholders and other diverse elements necessary to successfully complete the project. The student will explore both technical and managerial challenges involved in managing projects.

Entrepreneurship (Credits: 3) BADM 380
This course is an overall introduction to the nature and scope of entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurial process as well as the entrepreneurial profile is examined in detail. It includes the planning, financing, launching, and harvesting of a new venture. Entrepreneurial strategies are discussed for all facets of the business, including franchising, growth, and international aspects. Application of entrepreneurship to large corporations, i.e. intrapreneurship, is also a part of the course.             

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