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Bachelor of Arts in Emerging Media

Graduates will be well-versed in emerging media, its role in communication and the human processes by which emerging media are developed, marketed, used and inevitably shaped and reshaped by users.

The Palmetto College Online Bachelor of Arts degree in Emerging Media is issued by USC Aiken, one of USC's senior campuses.


Palmetto College's Bachelor of Arts in Emerging Media is designated as a STEM degree by the US Department of Homeland Security and focuses on studying new communication technologies.  Studying media from historical, cultural, and ethical perspectives develops a strong understanding of media’s role in our lives and society. This increase in media literacy along with experiences gained in graphic design, photography, videography, UX & UI design, social media analytics, and data visualization prepares you as an Emerging Media major to excel when joining the workforce. Majoring in Emerging Media prepares you to think critically about both media creation and media consumption. You will develop the high-demand skills employers desire in the media industries. Students will also have the opportunity to use our Media Learning and Research Lab which has a greenscreen studio, a podcast studio, and iMotions biometric insight software for media research.  
With courses like Visual Communication, Digital Storytelling, and Data Visualization, this program prepares students for careers such as:
• Strategic Communications: Mass communication, brand communication, crisis communication, public relations, media relations, corporate communication, internal communication
• Social Media/Digital Marketing/Sales: Promotions, real estate, insurance, fundraising, advertising, graphic design, influencer, digital video production, content creation, podcasting
• Public Relations Specialist: branding, relationship building, community liaison, media relations, crisis management
• Mass Media/Broadcasting/Journalism/Content Creation: Reporting, editing, producing, on-air talent, graphic design, newspaper writing, magazine writing, photography and videography, community relations, podcasting, audio, and digital video production;

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Why a bachelor's degree in emerging media?

• Cyber Literacy/Digital Literacy and Media Literacy have never been more important.
• 100% of our Emerging Media students gain experience with photography, videography, graphic design, and cutting edge, emerging media software.
• 100% of our student go through intense Career and Self-Development training.
• 100% of our students complete a Capstone Experience which is considered a high impact teaching practice and ensures our students are ready for the workforce and continued intellectual development and lifelong learning after graduation.
• 100% of our Emerging Media students graduate with an ePortfolio to show their media skills to prospective employers.
• 100% of our student take courses focused on diversity and global learning, also a high impact practice. 
• There are opportunities to participate in eSports and the university online newspaper.
• Our students participate in undergraduate research and present at academic conferences.
• Our students have a track record of graduating, getting good jobs and being accepted to graduate school.  
• Our faculty are award winning teachers and researchers.
• Our faculty are active in important academic organizations such as the Carolinas Communication Association, the Southern States Communication Association, the National Communication Association, the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, and the International Communication Association. 


Prerequisites & Requirements

To apply for this online degree program, students must have:

  • 45-60 credit hours from a regionally accredited institution
  • Minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA
  • Recommended completion of the following courses:
    • Composition
    • Composition and Literature
    • Natural Science with a Lab
    • Two Social or Behavioral Science courses
    • Humanities course
    • World Civilization
    • American History or American Government


Program Length

If you're a full-time student, the program should take about 2 years -- the same as if you were attending class in-person. If you work, you may need to take a lighter course load. Talk to an advisor about how to balance Palmetto College classes with your schedule.


Ready to get started?

New terms begin six times per year. Follow the application instructions for this degree to start the enrollment process.

If you have questions or would like an unofficial pre-evaluation of your college work before applying please call, chat, or email us today! Our trained representatives can create a plan that takes into account your earned credits and your unique circumstances.

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