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Microsoft Office Mix

Microsoft Office Mix is an add-on to Microsoft PowerPoint. With Mix, you can create voice-over PowerPoint lectures that are self-running and contain a number of interactive items, such as embedded video, quizzes, and screencasts. Mix is an additional tab that appears on your PowerPoint ribbon.


  • Audio and video narration over PowerPoint slides
  • Self-running lectures that can be posted to Blackboard
  • Digital inking of slides during narration (underlining, circling, drawing, etc.)
  • Interactive quizzes and polls
  • Screenshots, screencasts, embedded videos, links to educational sites
  • Quiz scores can be linked to Blackboard Grade Center


  • Microsoft PowerPoint version 2013 or higher, or Office365
  • Microsoft Windows Operating System version 7 or higher
  • Microsoft Office Mix (free download)


If your computer meets the above requirements, you can download and install Microsoft Office Mix by doing the following:

  1. Go to Office Mix.              
  2. Click on “Get Office Mix”.
  3. On the Welcome screen, you have several options for signing in:
  • Sign in with a Microsoft Account – if you have a personal account with Microsoft
  • Sign in with a work or school account –use this if you currently have a University Office365 account
  • Sign in with Facebook – if you have a Facebook account
  • Sign in with Google – if you have a Google account
  1. The window for OfficeMix.Setup.exe will be displayed. Click Save File. The file will be saved.
  2. Open the download area of your browser and select OfficeMix.Setup.exe.
  3. On the Open File window, click on Run. Mix will be installed as a tab on your Microsoft PowerPoint ribbon menu.



  • Currently Microsoft Office Mix is offered at no charge to owners of Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 or higher.