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National Fellowships and Scholar Programs

McNair Scholars

Jill Elizabeth Boggs

Stanton College Preparatory School 
Jacksonville, Florida
Political Science, History, and Art History 

My summer internship with the Department of State demonstrated the importance of intercultural exchange and public diplomacy, efforts that benefit both the United States and our allies overseas. 

Impactful experience: 
Interning with the Department of State in North Macedonia over the summer of 2019 was far and away my most impactful experience as an undergraduate. It transformed my understanding of what I wanted in a career, allowed me to visit parts of the world I would have never seen otherwise, and introduced me to truly inspiring people who remain my professional and personal role models. I remain incredibly grateful to have had such an amazing internship. 

Enjoy most as a TS: 
The lifelong friends I made are far and away my favorite part of being a Top Scholar. I cannot believe it has been over four years since our year’s scholar weekend- it feels like I met everyone yesterday. The other Top Scholars became my roommates, sorority sisters, best friends, travel buddies and much more, defining my college experience. 

Participating in UofSC’s Language Conflict Project redefined my understanding of and interest in undergraduate research, something I had never considered an option as a humanities major. Over three years, I researched the development and resolution of ethnolinguistic conflicts in Norway, Tajikistan, Sri Lanka, North Macedonia, and Nigeria. I was able to obtain a research grant, present my findings, and use these experiences to guide my choice of study abroad destinations, internships, senior thesis topic, and languages studied. Most importantly, I gained a greater appreciation for the complex interplay of language and ethnicity, something that will serve me well in my professional life. 

Post-graduate plans: 
Pending notification from the Fulbright Commission, Jill will attend law school in the fall. 

Career goals/professional aspirations: 
After graduating from law school, I hope to receive a federal judicial clerkship and work for the federal government, ideally in a capacity relating to international law and national security. 

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