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National Fellowships and Scholar Programs

2021-22 Winners List

Since our office was established in 1994, university students have won over 1,200 national awards totally more than $38 million. In 2021-2022, 282 national applications were submitted. Of those, 112 advanced and ultimately 83 were selected. These 83 awards have resulted in more than $2.2 million for academic study.

Week-long think tank for undergraduates in Washington, D.C. 


Blakely Hardin — Sophomore, Political Science, SC*
Emily Rabon — Freshman, History, SC* 

Provides research experiences at leading education institutes 


Charlotte Pollack — Junior, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, SC* 

Supports students seeking to study a less-commonly taught language abroad 


Carlos Sanchez Julia — Sophomore, International Studies & Economics, SC (Brazil)* 

Offers a year of language immersion, academic study and internship in Germany 


Caroline Favret — Senior, International Business & Business Economics, OH*
Jahleel Johnson — Junior, Political Science & German, SC* 

Awards for intensive summer overseas language program


Laurel Davis — Junior, International Business & Business Economics, SC (Azerbaijani)* Agnes Nzomene Kahouo Foda — PhD, Social Work, SC (Swahili)
Maeve Smith — Sophomore, Political Scienc, MD (Azerbaijani)*†
Hall West — Junior, Global Studies, SC (Turkish)*


Kathleen Arrasmith — PhD, Music Education, SC (Hindi)
Harrison Murray — Junior, Russian & Political Science, SC (Russian)* 

Awards for undergraduate summer STEM research in Germany 


Shruti Jadhav — Junior, Aerospace Engineering & Computer Science, SC*
Charlotte Pollack — Junior, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, SC*
Adam Quin — Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering, SC* 

Outstanding graduate students recognized by Diverse: Issues in Higher Ed 


Nancy Uriegas — PhD, Exercise Science, TX 

Fully funded 3 years of PhD study relevant to DoD interests 


Jared Cronin — PhD, Electrical Engineering, VA* 

$27,000 for individuals engaged in graduate study leading to a PhD or ScD

Honorable Mention: 

Jordan Davis — PhD, Anthropology, SC 

Up to $7,000 for students to study abroad in East or Southeast Asia



Chloe Penaflor — Sophomore, Visual Communications, SC 

Academic and cultural program for students with limited abroad experience 


Richard Holmberg, Jr. — Sophomore, Interdisciplinary Studies, IL* 

Grants for one year of research, study or teaching abroad


Genefrede Hollenbach — Senior, International Business & Finance, MA (Mexico)*
Felicia McGill — Senior, International Business, Economics & Spanish, SC* (Mexico)†
Ashleigh Rufty — 2020 Grad, English, NC*
Aidan Thomason — Senior, International Studies & History, TN (Brazil)*


Whitney Westbrook — Senior, International Studies, GA (Rwanda)*


Patrick Anderson — Senior, International Business & Finance, PA*
Caroline Favret — Senior, International Business & Business Economics, OH*
Sydney Hampton — Senior, Marine Science & Psychology, IL†
Lena Herold — Senior, International Business & Operations/Supply Chain, SC*
Hannah Martin — Senior, English, SC*
Kathryn Ramey — 2020 Grad, Global Studies & Russian, SC
Emma Sylves-Berry — Senior, Environmental Science & Political Science, NY*
Ian Wells — Senior, Chinese Studies & Global Studies, SC*
Isabella Williams — Senior, Global Studies & Geography, NJ* 

For undergraduates to participate in study abroad programs


Natalia Chiang Brena — Junior, Political Science, SC (South Korea)†
Asia Fulton — Sophomore, Public Health, SC (Costa Rica)
Victoria Halsey — Sophomore, International Studies & Psychology, SC (South Korea)*
Jackson McFadden — Sophomore, Pyschology, SC (Costa Rica) †*
Carlos Sanchez Julia — Sophomore, International Studies & Economics, SC (Brazil)*
Stella Strength — Junior, International Business & Business Economics, TN (Spain)*
Iuliia Tsilimbaeva — Senior, Spanish, SC (Spain)
Anne Tumlin — Junior, Computer Science, TN (South Korea)*

Scholar (Declined):

Johan Willem van Rosevelt — Sophomore, International Studies & Marine Science, SC (Mongolia)* 

Up to $7,500 for undergraduates planning a research career in mathematics, natural sciences or engineering


Kirsten Fisher — Junior, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, SC*
Amanda Manea — Junior, Mathematics & Biological Sciences, SC* 

$26,000 to college sophomores in majors supporting NOAA programs 


Hayley Durbin — Sophomore, Marine Science, OH*
Blair Elliot — Sophomore, BARSC, GA*
Syndey Staines — Sophomore, Marine Science, TN*
Weston Watts, Jr. — Sophomore, Mathematics & Economics, SC*
Jasmine Witt — Sophomore, Marine Science, SC* 

Grant to support innovative teaching development in STEM 


Lauren Seidl — MT, Secondary Education, SC* 

For rising juniors and seniors at SC institutions majoring in international trade, supply chain management or business


Anna Dowling — Senior, International Business & Operations/Supply Chain, SC*
Abigail Gallup — Senior, Operations/Supply Chain & Marketing, NC*
Lauren Hall — Senior, International Business & Operations/Supply Chain, PA
Genefrede Hollenbach — Senior, International Business & Finance, MA*
Manoli Stavrinakis — Senior, International Business & Finance, SC* 

10-week research experience for undergraduates in science 


Emma Mason — Sophomore, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, GA* 

Three-year annual stipend of $34,000, plus $12,000 cost of education allowance for tuition and fees, for students pursuing graduate education


Christopher Carter — 2021 Grad, Mechanical Engineering, NC*
Matt Duggan — Senior, Biological Sciences & Computer Science, NC*
Sarah Mott — Senior, Psychology, SC*
Samantha Rush — Senior, Chemistry, SC*
Grace Thaggard — PhD, Chemistry, MS

Scholar (Declined): 

Jared Cronin — PhD, Electrical Engineering, VA*

Honorable Mention: 

Alexia Crockett — PhD, Biomedical Science, MO
Laurent Duverglas — MS, Biological Sciences, FL
Chloe Keck — PhD, Biological Sciences, TN
Abigail Kreuser — PhD, Marine Science, IL
Lauren Puleo — MS, Biological Sciences, FL
Sarah Stone — MS, Biological Sciences, FL 

Summer program for college juniors in public service and international affairs 


 Blake Gibbons — Junior, Geography & Political Science, SC 

Fully funded weekend at focusing on different opportunities within the field of public policy


 Salomon Campos-Rice — Junior, BARSC, SC*


DoD-funded critical language education for ROTC students 


 Trevor Corsello — Sophomore, Chemical Engineering, NY
Samuel Raymo — Sophomore, International Studies, NJ 

Up to $50,000 for graduate study abroad in one of Rotary's seven areas of focus 


Clare Steiner — Senior, Political Science, TN (Thailand)* 

Recognizes outstanding members of Tau Beta Pi engineering honor society 


Hunter Cox — MS, Biomedical Science, SC*
Justin Leggin — Senior, Biomedical Engineering, PA*
Tripp Pollard — 2021 Grad, Civil Engineering, SC* 

$138,000 fellowship awarded for three years of graduate work in a STEM or Social Science field


Avery Cronin — Sophomore, Computer Science, VA* 

Supports student research at a range of NASA centers 

Undergraduate Student Research Awards: 

Patrick Bailey — Junior, Aerospace Engineering, SC*
Wesley Huss — Junior, Computer Engineering,

Graduate Research Fellowship: 

Noah Swingle — MS, Mechanical Engineering, SC*

NC Minorities in STEM Scholar: 

Mina Schaafsma — Sophomore, Biomedical Engineering, SC* 

One to two years teaching English in Austrian secondary schools 

Scholar (Declined): 

Caroline Favret — Senior, International Business & Business Economics, OH* 

†Capstone Scholar *Member, SCHC 

















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