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National Fellowships and Scholar Programs

Horseshoe Scholars

One of the University’s top undergraduate merit scholarships, it is offered to the top 45 out-of-state students each year entering the South Carolina Honors College. The award includes funding for attendance and is highly competitive and based on outstanding academic talent, exemplary character, and remarkable leadership skills.

Sarah Snare

Woodgrove High School
Hamilton, VA

Thank you, UofSC, for teaching me the importance of having a support network. I never learned how to ask for help in high school because I never needed to. When I began to get overwhelmed with classes sophomore year, I kept it mostly to myself. Eventually, I started reaching out to my advisors, family and friends for support. My junior year, I went to a professor’s office hours for the first time. Soon, I was talking to all of my professors regularly, sometimes on a weekly basis. Not only did this ease my anxiety, but it helped me gain a deeper understanding in many of my courses. It drastically turned my college experience around and will definitely be an important skill moving forward. 

Future plans: Sarah will graduate in December and plans to take a gap year to gain experience in her field and then attend graduate school to earn a master’s degree in anthropology.

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