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Office of Fellowships and Scholar Programs

Competition Details

Elie Wiesel Prize in Ethics Essay Contest

Goes By: Elie Wisel
Fellowship Website

Essay contest which challenges students to analyze the urgent ethical issues confronting them in today's complex world.

Suggested topic this year:

Articulate with clarity an ethical issue that you have encountered and analyze what it has taught you about ethics and yourself.

This topic is only a suggestion. Students may write about any topic they wish, as long as it explores

the theme of ethics.

Award Value

Prizes range from $500-$5000.

Eligibility Requirements

Requirements Details
Year(s) of Application Junior, Senior

Minimum Grade Point Average


No Requirements
Campus Nomination Required No
Year of Study Funded Senior, Alumni/Non-enrolled
Academic Areas: All
Areas of Interest: Contest
Language Funding No
Location Domestic

Be sure to consult the competition website for complete eligibility and competition requirements.


Elie Wiesel Electronic Deadline
Friday, December 14, 2018
5 p.m., PT

Last updated: October 16, 2017