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Past Recipients

Provost's Distributed Learning Course Development Grant

The purpose of the Provost's Distributed Learning Course Development Grant is to create state-of-the-art Distributed Learning (DL) courses that enhance the overall quality, scope, and reach of teaching and learning at the University of South Carolina. 

Award Recipients Spring 2016

The following faculty have been awarded grants, expert instructional design assistance and technological support to develop and implement courses for delivery through Distributed Learning methods.

Sharon DeWitte  
(BIOL 244)

Human Anatomy and Physiology II is the second course in a two-course series required for all undergraduate Nursing majors. Focusing on seven of the 11 organ systems of the human body, students in BIOL 244 examine these major anatomical systems both individually and as part of an integrated whole. While this course has consistently high student demand, it has not yet been offered online. By making BIOL 244 available through distributed learning methods, the course becomes available to students from a variety of majors, and also to those whose schedules do not easily accommodate enrolling in traditional classroom courses. In addition, students will be able to learn more difficult concepts at their own pace each week, by revisiting course materials to enhance their comprehension and retention. Look for this 16-week course to be offered in the spring 2017 term.

Sharon DeWitteDeWitte

Kelly Lynn Mulvey  
(EDPY 706)

The Educational Psychology graduate course, Growth and Development: Childhood, replaces “Human Development in Learning Situations”, a now-retired course that was long taught in the face-to-face classroom setting. Thanks to Dr. Mulvey, in spring 2017, students can participate in a fully online version of the new course, in which they will learn and apply theories and concepts involving the developmental processes that occur to children during early- to middle-childhood. Offered as an elective across multiple Ph.D. programs, the online format makes this course more convenient for, and accessible to a wider audience of students. Especially geared toward learners who are currently involved in educational practice, Growth and Development: Childhood provides both the theoretical underpinnings and practical application skills needed by such professionals as they serve students from a variety backgrounds with diverse abilities.

Kelly Lynn MulveyMulvey

Greg Springer
(MUED 1xx)

Professor Springer is developing a new 100-level online course that explores the role of music in the human experience. Entitled Understanding the Psychology of Music, this three-credit course provides an introduction to how humans perceive music and other key concepts, including music’s effect on emotions, the brain, human health and behavior.   Scheduled to debut during summer 2017, MUED 1xx will be submitted for consideration as a Carolina Core foundational course, aligning with the Global Citizenship and Multicultural Understanding: Social Sciences (GSS) track. Rich with ancillary resources, this course is being created for a campus-wide audience, and 100% online delivery will ensure access without limitations caused by physical location or time constraints. Students across the disciplines are certain to find Understanding the Psychology of Music enlightening, engaging, and relevant to their fields.    

Greg SpringerSpringer

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