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Center for Teaching Excellence

  • Universidad Autonoma de Madrid and Wits University

Past Recipients

Global Learning Teaching Innovation Grants

The Study Abroad Office and the Center for Teaching Excellence invited USC faculty and staff to submit proposals for the development of new study abroad programs (short term or exchange) or curriculum integration initiatives. Award recipients participate in a series of workshops, discussions and meetings over the course of the 2015-2016 academic year and receive support from the Study Abroad Office in developing the proposed program. Implementation of the proposed global learning project will take place in the 2016-2017 academic year.

Award Recipients Fall 2015

James Barilla, Creative Writing (ENGL 360)

This grant will provide students the exceptional opportunity of visiting the island of Jersey while completing the course Introduction to Creative Writing. The island of Jersey is rich in both history and nature, making it an ideal choice for studying creative writing. With its proximity to both England and France, students will be able to travel around the island as well as take short trips to visit the Globe Theater in London and the shores of St. Malo, France. This course will not only fulfill requirements for multiple majors but allow students to experience the unique island culture.

James Barilla Global Learning Grant


Peter Duffy, Department of Theatre and Dance

A collaboration among theatre professors from all over the world will create a distinctive course for USC students. Beginning in Rostock, Germany, Dr. Duffy will collaborate with other theatre professors from Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom and Canada to create an international theatre course that focuses on professional development and drama pedagogy. Through this project students will gain face-to-face experience with theatre professionals in an international setting, expanding their knowledge of drama pedagogy and theatre as an international art.

Peter Duffy Global Learning Grant RecipientDuffy

Marketa Kubickova, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management

This projects aims to create a new course that will give students the opportunity to experience the hospitality industry in Europe by traveling to Prague, Karlovy Vary and Brno in the Czech Republic. Touring multiple hotel properties, spa and health facilities and working with the college of business and hotel management, will allow students to gain a better understanding of the industry in Europe while networking with professionals in the region. This course will give students experience in the international aspects of hospitality management and customer service.

Marketa Loboclpva Global Learning Grant RecipientKubickova

Julia López-Robertson, Global and Multicultural Perspectives on Education in International Settings (EDUC 360) and Field Problems in Education IV (EDUC 635)

A study abroad opportunity to Colombia for three weeks will immerse education students in the Colombian culture and educational system. In order to train education students to teach English-language learners in South Carolina, it is crucial that they experience a new language and culture themselves. By leading students through this process, Dr. López-Robertson endeavors to better prepare future teachers to support English-language learners in South Carolina.

Catherine Castner Provost Distributed Learning Course Development Grant RecipientLópez-Robertson

John Weidner, Chemical Engineering

This project aims to build upon the relationship between the University of South Carolina and Chang Mai University in Thailand by creating a foreign exchange program for Chemical Engineering students. A relationship between the two universities already exists through USC alumni and a memorandum of understanding. Dr. Weidner will work to build upon that relationship with this international program. Students who participate in this exchange will not only gain experience in the field of engineering but will also learn how they must adapt to cultural differences for improved research collaboration.

Christopher Emrich Provost Distributed Learning Course Development Grant RecipientWeidner

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