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Welcome to The Arnold School of Public Health

 Lectures are available within 24 hours following the live class. The lectures are password protected to limit access to students enrolled in the course. Passwords are available from your instructor.

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Introduction to Biostatistics  Moran
Effective Data Management for Public Health  Moran
Concepts of Environmental Health Science  Harmon
Community Assessment and the Delivery of Health Care Services  Diedhiou
 COMD STUDENTS: All COMD lectures are now available in your course Blackboard site. Please  log in with your USC ID and password to view.
 BIOS 700: Introduction to Biostatistics
May 9 - June 16, 2016  
To view your course live via Adobe Connect go to and select "Enter as a Guest". The lectures will be recorded and posted below within 24 hours for on-demand viewing.
 May 9: Orientation
 May 16: Q & A
Stream/Download links not available due to technical difficulties
 May 19: Q & A
 May 23: Q & A
 May 31: Q & A
 June 6: Q & A
 June 9: Q & A
 June 13: Q & A
Introduction to Biostatistics (Lectures) 
Mathematics Redux
Graphs for Categorical Data
Graphs for Numeric Data I
Graphs for Numeric Data II
Measures of Location
Measures of Variation
SAS Basics
SAS Procedures for Categorical Data
SAS Procedures for Numeric Data
Introduction to Probability
Probability Rules
Conditional Probability
Fun with Probability
Screening Tests
Predictive Values of Screening Tests
Relative Risks and the Odds Ratio
Odds Ratio Examples
Discrete Probability Distributions
Binomial Distribution I
Binomial Distribution II
Poisson Distribution
Continuous Probability Distributions
Normal Distribution
Standardizing a Normal Distribution
Applications of the Normal Distribution
Sampling Distributions
Sampling Distribution of Sample Mean
Inference and Confidence Intervals
Confidence Interval for the Population Mean
Confidence Interval for an Odds Ratio
Hypothesis Testing Principles
Hypothesis Test for a Population Mean
Inference for Two Means with Paired Data
Inference for Two Independent Means
Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
Multiple Comparison Procedures
Nonparametric Tests and the Sign Test
Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test
Wilcoxon Rank Sum Test
Kruskal-Wallis Test
Inference for One Proportion, Exact Procedures
Inference for One Proportion, Approximate Procedures
Inference for Two Proportions
2 x 2 Contingency Tables
Fisher's Exact Test
Larger Contingency Tables
McNemar's Test
Kappa Statistic
Spearman Correlation
Simple Linear Regression
Prediction in Simple Linear Regression
Inference in Simple Linear Regression
Multiple Regression
Analysis of Covariance (ANACOVA)
Logistic Regression
Survival Analysis
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BIOS 710: Effective Data Management for Public Health
May 9 - June 16, 2015

To view your orientation live via Adobe Connect go to
and select "Enter as a Guest". The lecture will be recorded and posted below within 24 hours for
on-demand viewing.
To view the recorded connect lectures on an iPad or iPhone download the Puffin browser app ($3.99) from iTunes:

 Effective Data Management for Public Health (Lectures) 
 May 9 (Orientation)
Lab 1 Chapter 1: What is SAS? .wmv
Chapter 2: Writing your first SAS program .wmv
Chapter 6: Reading & writing data from an Excel spreadsheet .wmv
Chapter 14: Displaying your data .wmv
Lab 2 Chapter 4: Creating permanent SAS data sets .wmv
Chapter 5: Creating formats and labels .wmv
Chapter 7: Performing conditional processing .wmv
Lab 3 Chapter 9: Working with dates .wmv
Chapter 10: Subsetting and combining SAS data sets .wmv
Chapter 3: Reading raw data from external files .wmv
Lab 4 Chapter 11: Working with numeric functions .wmv
Chapter 12: Working with character functions .wmv
Lab 5 Chapter 16: Summarizing your data .wmv
Chapter 17: Counting frequencies .wmv
Lab 6 Chapter 8: Performing conditional processing, looping .wmv
Chapter 13: Working with arrays .wmv
Chapter 25: Introducing the SAS macro language .wmv
Lab 7 Stata 1: Stata basics, importing, descriptive statistics  
Stata 2: File management, working with data, data editor  
Stata 3: Plotting, egen, do files, log files, statistical functions  
Lab 8 Access 1: Tables, forms & queries  
Access 2: Tables, properties & reports
Lab 9 Access 3: Advanced queries  
Access 4: Advanced forms & report  
Access 5: Macros & menus  
Final Review
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 ENHS 660: Concepts of Environmental Health Science
 June 6 - July 28, 2016

 Lecture 1
 Lecture 2    
 Lecture 3
 Lecture 4
 Lecture 5
 Lecture 6
 Lecture 7
 Lecture 8
 Lecture 9
 Lecture 10
 Lecture 11
 Lecture 12
 Lecture 13
 Lecture 14
 Lecture 15
 Lecture 16
 Lecture 17
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 HSPM 715: Community Assessment and the Delivery of Health Care Services
 Monday - Thursday, 1 - 3:15 p.m.
 May 30 - June 23, 2016

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