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Molinaroli College of Engineering and Computing

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Computer Science and Engineering

Our Research

Our faculty conduct research and development in a variety of fundamental areas, including agent-based computing, decision making and analysis, database mining and warehousing, multimedia system design and implementation, parallel computer architecture and security. This research finds applications in bioinformatics, e-commerce, education, information systems and computer forensics.

Research Strengths

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Artificial Intelligence

We advance AI applications involving significant big data, investigate novel algorithmic and theoretically principled machine learning methods, develop computer vision and image processing techniques, simulate basic human vision functions, and collaborate on a researchable ideas in the humanities, bioinformatics, science and engineering.

diagram of gene sequencing

Biology and Medicine

Our faculty are engaged in leading-edge research, bioinformatics and computational biology, computational medicine, and genome rearrangement and gene order analysis.

computer generated boxes identify people and objects on a windy beach

Computer Vision

We conduct extensive research on computer vision by developing advanced visual models and optimization algorithms, especially deep neural networks and deep-learning algorithms. Ongoing research covers image classification, object detection, affective computing, video analysis, semantic segmentation, and their applications to autonomous driving, medical imaging, video surveillance, materials science, thermodynamics, remote sensing, and cultural-heritage preservation.

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Cyber Security

We increase information systems security awareness and develop high-quality education and research on a broad spectrum of security topics and issues. These include network anomaly detection, secure sensor network infrastructures, and security of intermediate network devices.

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We focus on analysis and implementation of computationally intensive applications on coprocessors as well as parallel and high-performance computing.

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Mobile Systems and Networking

We conduct experimental research and design systems for wireless, mobile and IoT connectivity and applications. Our research is interdisciplinary, from the areas of signal processing, probability models, computational imaging, sensor design, embedded systems, and machine learning. Our projects have applications in mobile interactions, remote health services and monitoring, and 5G and 6G network design.

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We solve complex scientific problems in perception, autonomy, and interaction for robots that operate in unstructured environments. Projects span theoretical foundational and fielded applications, including mobile robotics, multi-robot cooperative localization, mapping, exploration and coverage.


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