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School of Visual Art and Design

Faculty and Staff Directory

Faculty/Staff Name Title Secondary Title Phone Email Keywords Department
Faculty Bowers, Pam Senior Instructor / Studio Art, Painting 803-777-4236 Art Studio, painting School of Visual Art & Design
Staff Boyd, Rebecca Undergraduate Student Services Coordinator 803-587-8409 School of Visual Art and Design
Faculty Brandt, Lydia Associate Professor / Art History 803-777-4160 art history, architectural history
Faculty Burgess, Lana Clinical Professor of Art History and Museum Studies Faculty Curator, McKissick Museum 803-777-5486 Curator, Art History, McKissick Museum, Museum Studies
Faculty Chametzky, Peter Professor / Art History 803-777-6677 art history
Faculty Chi, Catherine Instructor / Media Arts, Studio Art 803-777-7047 media arts, studio art, graphic design
Faculty Collins, Bradford R. Professor of Art History Area Coordinator for Art History 803-777-4190 art history, contemporary art, andy warhol, roy lichtenstein, manet, modern art
Faculty Davis, Northrop Professor / Media Arts 803-777-5215 media arts, northrop davis
Faculty Dedas, Brent Associate Professor / Studio Art 803-777-2362
Faculty Falk, Naomi J. Assistant Professor / Studio Art 803-777-4237 studio art, sculpture, 3D studies, visual art and design
Faculty Felleman, Susan Professor / Art History + Film and Media Studies 803-777-8833 art history
Faculty Floyd, Minuette Professor / Art Education Coordinator for Art Education 803-777-3895 art education School of Visual Art & Design
Faculty Graciano, Andrew Professor of Art History Associate Director of SVAD, Director of Graduate Studies 803-777-6631 art history, 18th century art, 19th century art, art and anatomy, art and medicine, portraiture
Faculty Gregory, George Senior Instructor / Studio Art 803-777-9992 studio art
Faculty Ha, Byeongwon Assistant Professor / Media Arts 803-777-5752 Media Arts, New Media, New Media Art
Staff Henderson, James Media Services Coordinator 803-777-1223
Faculty Hewitt, Mana Senior Instructor / Studio Art 803-777-7480 studio art
Faculty House, Anna Swartwood Assistant Professor / Art History 803-777-4766 art history, renaissance art history, renaissance scholar
Faculty Hunter, Dawn Associate Professor / Studio Art 803-777-2606 studio art School of Visual Art & Design
Faculty Ivashkevich, Olga Associate Professor / Art Education 803-777-6223 art education School of Visual Art & Design
Faculty Khalili, Meena Assistant Professor / Studio Art 803-777-4190 Studio Art, Design
Faculty Kissel, Laura Director Professor / Media Arts 803-777-4236 media arts, Laura Kissel, director, chair, department chair, department head, school of visual art and design
Faculty Kwon, Hyunji Assistant Professor / Art Education 803-777-9997
Staff Leonard, Daniel Shop Foreman 803-777-6461 School of Visual Art & Design
Faculty Lindsey, Blair Instructor / Art Education Student Teacher Supervisor 803-777-9992 art education
Faculty Maur, Carleen Assistant Professor / Media Arts 803-777-3137 media arts School of Visual Art and Design
Faculty Meaney, Evan Associate Professor / Media Arts Area Coordinator for Media Arts 803-777-3841 Media Arts, New Media, Video Game Design
Faculty Nace, Stephanie Associate Professor / Studio Art 803-777-5880 Studio Art, Graphic Design School of Visual Art & Design
Staff Peterson, Bailey Administrative Specialist 803-777-4236 School of Visual Art and Design
Staff Pritchard, Skylar, M.S. Undergraduate Academic Advisor
Faculty Robbins, Kathleen Professor / Studio Art 803-777-2443 Studio Art, Photography School of Visual Art & Design
Faculty Robinson, Mary Professor / Studio Art 803777-3500 Studio Art, Printmaking
Faculty Schneckloth, Sara Associate Professor / Studio Art 803-777-3880 Illustration, Drawing, Art, Visual Art,
Faculty Scotchie, Virginia Professor / Studio Art 803-777-7077 Studio Art, Ceramics School of Visual Art & Design
Staff Smith, Greyson Business Manager 803-777-6438
Faculty Steimer, Lauren Associate Professor, Film and Media Studies 803-777-6673 Film and Media Studies, FAMS
Faculty Tarr, Jen Senior Instructor / Media Arts 803-777-4211 Media Arts, Jen Tarr, Jennifer Tarr
Faculty Tarr, Simon Professor / Media Arts Director of Undergraduate Studies 803-576-7308 Media Arts, experimental filmmaker Faculty Principal, Rhodos Fellows
Faculty Valdes, Marius Associate Professor / Studio Art 803-777-2514 Studio Art, Illustration, graphic design
Faculty Voros, David Professor / Studio Art 803-777-7189 Studio Art, Painting School of Visual Art & Design
Faculty Wangwright, Amanda Associate Professor / Art History 803-777-4231 Art History, Asian Art History, Chinese Art, Modern Art
Staff Yukhno, Olga McMaster Gallery Manager 803-422-4289

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