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Morgan Craig

Spring 2022 Visiting Artist

Morgan Craig believes that architectural structures acting as both repositories and as vehicles for memory profoundly influence culture and identity by providing a tangible framework through which facets of a society can be expressed. Consequently, he has been inspired to build a body of work dealing with how identity is influenced by the types of architectural edifices present in a given landscape.

Craig's work is not merely a method of documentation, but a sociopolitical/socioeconomiccommentary on the effects of hubris, avarice, free trade, outsourcing, deregulation, deterritorialization, neoliberalism, obsolescence, and international-finance-capital upon communities throughout the world. Within the realm of Jacques Derrida's theory of Hauntology, the paintings speak of the slow disintegration of the future, and the abysmal fragmentation of the past.

Exhibition: Fulmination and the Final Fulfillment: Specters of Capital, January 13 - February 17, 2022 at McMaster Gallery

Coordinator: Olga Yukhno, McMaster Gallery 

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