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University Registrar

Access to University Systems

The University Registrar serves as the stewards of student records and academic data at the University of South Carolina. To facilitate our processes in this role, we maintain a suite of academic systems to maintain and process student information.

Systems for Faculty & Staff allows student, faculty, and advisors to access student information via the web.  Students may use  to:
  • View and update Financial Aid Status
  • Access Degreeworks
  • Check Registration Status and eligibility
  • Schedule classes using College Scheduler
  • Check grades and verify records
  • Pay tuition and fees
Faculty may use to:
  • Review class rosters
  • Assign grades
  • Obtain student contact information
Academic Advisors may use to:  
  • Access DegreeWorks
  • Check a student’s Registration Status and eligibility
  • Obtain student contact information
  • Review student Records  

The EAB Advising Platform, populated by a nightly feed of student data from Banner, provides academic advisors and student support staff with a simple overview of key student information; success marker notifications; risk scoring for early intervention; a full transcript view and incoming student test and placement scores; easy list development based on hundreds of student attributes (GPA ranges; credit completion percentages; enrollment in specific courses; participation in certain groups such as Honors, Capstone, or a sorority/fraternity; transfer status; etc); a “major matcher” feature integrated with hiring and salary data provided by Burning Glass Technologies; easy referrals to certain support offices across campus who will reach out to the student and then close the loop with the advisor who made the referral.  The Education Advisory Board launches new releases of platform functionality, developed with direct feedback from platform users, on at least a monthly basis.

In fall 2016, we began the transition to an expanded platform, Pathfinder, which in addition to the above features will incorporate appointment scheduling; queue management; a two-way student communication platform optimized for mobile viewing; more coordinated case management across the university; and dashboards to highlight key student success metrics and resource utilization.  Pathfinder will be implemented over a two year period and will replace SARS for scheduling with more robust functionality. 

DegreeWorks aids both students and advisors in monitoring students’ progress toward degree and assist students in choosing the most appropriate courses to fulfill degree requirements. Integrated with students’ academic records in Banner, DegreeWorks  matches student record data (courses, hours grades) with degree requirements categorically to identify which courses meet degree requirements and which courses need to be completed. Degree works also allows users to run “what if” and “look ahead” scenarios to both show how project courses will apply to a student’s major and apply a student’s course history to another  program of study.

The Data Warehouse is a repository of generated reports from student, financial, and human resource systems. Authorized student support staff can view, access, and print reports for administrative purposes.

Internet Native Banner is the student information system at the University of South Carolina. It is primarily used by core administrative offices including the offices of admissions, registrar, financial aid, and bursar to view and maintain data and process transactions. 

How to Obtain Access

For new access requests to student systems, take the following steps:

Academic & Faculty Advisors, Academic Services Staff in Colleges

Teaching Faculty

  • For SSC access:
  • For Other Student Systems:
    • Please work through the Advising center by following the instructions for Academic Advisors above.

Student Services Staff not in Colleges

  • Login to DAPS, using your network username and password
  • If this is your first time logging in, Create an account within daps
  • Under the "My Working Requests" tab, click the "Create Request" link
  • Select the "Data Type" of "Student"
  • Select the "Category" of "System Access" for access to Banner, Degree Works or EAB, Select the "Category" of "Reports" for access to Datawarehouse (Cognos).
  • Select the appropriate "System or Type"
  • Enter in the "Description" field your job duties that require access and use of the system as well as any additional specifics that will help us assign the appropriate rights/permissions
  • Read any "Special Instructions", they may include additional forms that need to be printed, signed and attached back to the DAPS request in the "Attachments" section
  • Review any Policies/Security/FERPA information
  • Check the box indicating you agree to the terms and conditions.  Click Submit.
  • Wait for an email letting you know that access has been granted

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