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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions regarding grade processing.

Reporting Final Grades

Final grade rolls will be made available on 2-3 business days before the last day of class for the course.

Final grades are due no later than 72 hours after the date of the final examination for the course. Grades turned in late may affect a student’s academic standing (probation/suspension), honors, eligibility for financial aid, or ability to graduate.

Final grades are rolled (updated) to the student’s academic record daily at 8:00am, 12noon, 5:00pm (EST.) and 12am midnight.


Assigning Grades

The student may not be officially registered in your course section. The student must complete a Registration Exception Form (AS-199), signed by you and the student’s academic dean to be registered in your class. You may submit the grade the student earned in your class using a Grade Roll Discrepancy form (AS-181).  Once the student has been registered and has paid any fees, the final grade will be posted.

You may submit a grade of ‘FN’ or ‘UN’ (if pass/fail or thesis course) for non-attendance. This grade calculates as an ‘F’ in the GPA calculation. If the student never attended the course, enter the first day of class in the Last Date of Attendance field (MM/DD/YYYY). If the student is attending another section of this course, he/she will have to complete a Registration Exception Form (AS-199) to be registered in the correct section. If the student never attended, he/she is also responsible for contacting their academic dean regarding the status of the course.

You may assign a grade of ‘FN’ or ‘UN’ (if pass/fail or thesis course) for non-attendance. This grade calculates as an ‘F’ in the GPA calculation. Enter the last date the student attended your class in the Last Attended Date field (MM/DD/YYYY). The last attendance date entered must fall within the scheduled meeting dates of the term for the class- this is a date between the first and last date of class for the term.

You may leave this grade blank.  Once the final exam has been completed, you may log back in to to record the grade.

Note: If an extended time period granted to complete the final exam, a grade of Incomplete should be entered in

Students who withdraw during the ‘W’ or ‘WF’ period will not appear on your Summary Class Roll. Once the final grade roll is available, withdrawn students will appear on your Final Grade roll with the ‘W’ or ‘WF’ final grade. In, from the ‘Student Information Menu’, you may select the ‘ID Selection’ option to search using the student’s name or ID and then select ‘Registration History’ to view the student’s status in your class.

The grade can be reported on a Makeup Grade-Incomplete form (AS-68) and it should be submitted to the registrar's office. If no form is available, a memo on department letterhead signed by the instructor will be accepted. A Grade Roll Discrepancy form should not be used to report a make-up for incomplete grade. 

Instructors cannot assign a grade of ‘W’ or ‘WF’ for withdraw. Students must withdraw online using before the last day of class. A withdrawal has to be approved by the student's academic dean after the term has ended (graduate school for graduate students). You should assign the grade that has been earned to date or a grade of ‘FN’ or ‘UN’ (for pass/fail or thesis course) for non-attendance that will calculate as an ‘F’.

You will be contacted by the registrar’s office asking you to submit the final grade.  If no grade is reported, the course will show as “in progress” until it converts to a grade of “F” or “U” after one major semester.

When students register as audit for a course, the grade AUD will automatically appear on the academic record. You will not need to enter a final grade. If the student has not attended the required 75 percent of the class, notify the registrar’s office using a Grade Roll Discrepancy form (AS-181)


Grade Changes

The student must first be added back into the course by submitting a Registration Exception Form (AS-199). You should submit the final grade for this student using the Grade Roll Discrepancy form (AS-181). You should not use Change of Grade form.

Following the grade submission deadline for each term, grades are 'rolled' to academic history and are applied to the student’s academic record. Once grades have been rolled, grade changes must be processed through the registrar's office using a Change of Grade form. 

Grade changes are not reflected on the class roster/roll or the final grade submission page in Grade changes can only be viewed on the student’s academic transcript.


Grade of Incomplete

You may assign an 'I' (Incomplete) grade if a student is unable to complete some portion of the assigned course work because of an unanticipated illness, accident, work-related responsibility, family hardship, or verified learning disability. An Incomplete grade is not intended to give students additional time to complete course assignments or extra credit unless there is indication that the specified circumstances prevented the student from completing course assignments on time. You will be required to complete an Assignment of Incomplete Grade form (AS-5)

The student has up to 12 months to complete the work unless the instructor has given an earlier deadline. After that time, an 'I' grade automatically converts to either an 'F' or the backup grade you assigned.

An extension to an 'Incomplete' will need to be requested by the instructor and given a new date for completion.

Undergraduate Students: An Extension of Make-up Period for Undergraduate Incomplete Grade form (AS-201) should be completed by the instructor and sent directly to the registrar's office. 

Graduate Students: An Extension of Incomplete Authorization (GS-47) should be completed by the instructor and submitted to the Graduate School for approval. When approved, the graduate school will forward it to the registrar's office. 


Accessing Grading Forms & Grade Rosters

Columbia Undergraduate Forms: View the faculty/staff forms page. 

Columbia Graduate School Forms: View the graduate school forms page

For campus specific forms, contact your campus registrar/records office.

You may submit a request for final grade rolls through Data Warehouse. Click the “Catalog and Schedule folder” to view the Class Rosters report. If grades have been posted for a course, they will be listed on the report.

Note: If you do not have access to Data Warehouse, you will need to submit a request for access using the Data Access Permissions System.


Senior Privilege

Grades designed with the grade symbol ‘_HE’ should be assigned for students registered for Senior Privilege.

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