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Continuing Education Programs

Time To Get Active: Public Health And Wellness

Have you ever heard of the health and wellness programs Just Do It, Fuel Up to Play 60, VERB: It’s What You Do?  Have you ever wondered why physical inactivity, especially in youth, is a public health problem? 

Create your own health initiative campaign like the ones above to motivate others to get up and move! Explore ways to be “active”, what physical activity really means, the importance of being physically active throughout life, the length of time for physical activity each day, and most importantly, learning how to motivate others to be physically active.

Develop your own campaign to inspire others to get active by creating activities you would like to promote, creating a campaign name and catch phrase, and designing a flyer or poster to get the word out about your campaign!



Program Dates

  • Saturday, February 08 from 10:00 AM-4:00 PM


Registration is closed. 

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