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What Our Students Are Saying

This has been the best experience for me. I have thoroughly enjoyed all three of John's classes. Eventhough I would be tired from a difficult day at work, the classes seemed to always restore my energy. John has a gift for explaining the technical information in such a way that anyone can understand it. I am so much more comfortable and confident about my camera since taking the three classes. I also feel more confident in various lighting situations. John makes the classes very comfortable, fun and engaging. He is genuinely interested in your progress and give great feedback as to how to improve your work.  ~Vivian Moore


I have recently taken three of John Wrightenberry's photography classes. I learned so much in all three. John is a great instructor and is very patient and encouraging. He always took the time to answer our questions and provided help with our cameras. The class atmosphere was very relaxed and I never felt overwhelmed with the information. John was always encouraging our class to practice our photography outside of the classroom. His comments were always positive and helpful.  These classes definitely helped me with my interest in photography.  ~ Karen Hudgens


John's curriculum and teaching style allowed me to progress and build my skillset much faster than expected. I'm thrilled with my progress and the quality of images I'm able to capture. The "After Dark" class rocks!  It's the most fun of all the fundamental courses and all about getting creative. John's classes are "a must-have" for anyone serious about taking better pictures.  ~ Andrea Smith


Over the last 17 weeks I’ve had the pleasure of learning fundamental photography skills from a man that is truly a master at his craft. John Wrightenberry’s technical knowledge of the camera and photography, coupled with his artist skill provide the perfect balance for anyone wishing to improve their photography skills. I began taking the “Introduction to Digital Photography” course to gain a basic understanding of my DSLR. John’s passion for photograph is apparent from day one. The material covered in class along with weekly photographic homework assignments sharpen the skills needed to be a very capable photographer. John takes time to make sure students understand and can effectively use the concepts taught. I was so impressed with the class and his abilities that I immediately followed the introductory course, with the intermediate course (Intermediate Digital Photography) and the night photography skills course (Photography After Dark). Today I am a much better photographer than I was 17 weeks ago.   Thank you John.   ~ Chad Rawls


I cannot say enough about all three classes I took with John Wrightenberry. I started in January with the Introduction to Photography class and for as long as I have been taking pictures as a hobby, there was so much more that John taught about my camera. Each person had a different camera, but John helped us all figure out where the settings were on our own cameras or how adjust them. There were so many ways to improve my pictures when I learned about all of the settings and the WHY of using each one.  It was incredibly informative and very interesting. My camera could do a lot more than I was doing. The saying is true that you don't know what you don't know! In the Intermediate class, we learned how to improve the composition and artistry of our photographs. In other words, how to take better pictures. It was important to have had the Intro class so that we understood what to do in this class. Learning about lighting, positioning, what makes a better shot, all helped us not only with better photographs, but we all enjoyed the process and the improvements we saw. Going out for remote location classes to practice was the highlight and extremely helpful! In the After Dark class, we developed our understanding even further and it felt like a great exclamation point on the whole process. We learned many pieces of information that will be so valuable when taking indoor shots, sunsets, fireworks, skylines, etc. and there were also some very fun aspects to this class.  John taught us some really neat photography tricks that we had so much fun doing. I'm so glad I invested in this!  ~ Lisa Fields

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