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College of Pharmacy

Faculty and Staff

Hao Emily Ji

Title: Research Associate
COBRE Functional Genomics Core Co-Lab Manager
College of Pharmacy
Phone: 803-777-5077
Resources: COBRE Functional Genomics Core

Areas of Interest

My specific interests cover a broad range of technology including molecular cloning, cell culture, immunology-based protein analysis, lentivirus production, preparation of high-throughput libraries, next-generation sequencing, processing NGS data and basic bioinformatics / statistical analysis.  I serve as the COBRE Center for Targeted Therapeutics’ Functional Genomics Core Facility Manager and our mission is to provide USC and outside scientists with capacity to conduct genomics, transcriptomics, epigenomics and functional genomics research projects. We will also provide common molecular biology services including nucleic acid purification and quantification, sequencing, Real time PCR analysis, plasmid construction and lentivirus production.


Master of Business Administration

Central South University, Changsha, China 2008

Master of Engineering in Computer Science

University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC 2016


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