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    Meet the Heroes

Celebrate Heroes

Bridge 3

We commit to celebrating the unsung heroes who selflessly place themselves on the frontlines of the pandemic, and recognize and honor the vital workers in our society who are often overlooked and left feeling unappreciated.

Continuing the conversation

The final chapter of the Bridging Our Distances project involved a facilitated conversation around community issues. At a time when so many of us feel isolated and divided, this presented a rare opportunity to learn about the experiences, frustrations and desires of diverse neighbors. Beyond Socratic discussion, heroes  reflected on priorities while listening to live music at one point.

“As hard as it has been, it would be a shame to write off this period as a wasted year,” reflected program director David Cutler. “The power of our music and visioning achieved something nobody else could. Learning from these amazing neighbors has left us inspired, energized, and optimistic about the future.”


As COVID-19 forced communities to shut down...

... some neighbors suddenly found themselves on the front lines of a public health disaster. Whether out of necessity or a sense of duty, these essential workers kept showing up, despite often little recognition and great personal risk. We owe them a debt of gratitude.

To recognize and better understand the challenges confronting these champions, the University of South Carolina School of Music hosted Concert Truck Community Heroes. Pairing ten local heroes with ten music ensembles and ten composers, a series of public events and vignette videos pays tribute while providing a better understanding of their sacrifice, courage and determination.

All concerts were held on The Concert Truck, a mobile music venue that strengthens communities and fosters a more inclusive, empathetic world by redefining the modern concert hall and making classical music accessible to all.

Celebrating 10 Community Heroes 

with The Concert Truck

This community concert series celebrated 10 heroes whose courage and sacrifice has helped get us through the pandemic. 

Meet Our Heros

Contributing School of Music Ensembles and Composers 

Ensemble: Lampyris Quartet and Shepard Piano Trio
UofSC Composer: Ryan Williams

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UofSC Ensemble: UofSC Percussion Ensemble
UofSC Composer: Michael Calamas

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UofSC Ensemble: Westover Winds
UofSC Composer: Thomas Palmer

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UofSC Ensemble: New Sounds String Quartet
UofSC  Composer: Rachelle Armstead

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Paired Ensemble: Spark Collective
Paired Composer: Grace Shepard

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UofSC Ensemble: Bruits
UofSC Composer: Jesse Kaiser

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UofSC Ensemble: Duende
UofSC Composer: Andrew Gretzinger

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UofSC Ensemble: Shepard Piano
UofSC Composer: Alex Wroten

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UofSC Ensemble: Cor4
UofSC Composer: Hunter Vowell

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UofSC Ensemble: Left Bank Combo
UofSC Composer: Lucas Bohn

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Sponsored and presented by the University of South Carolina School of Music, this outdoor, socially distanced concert featured multiple musical acts performing on The Concert Truck UofSC President Bob Caslen, and hero videos with accompaniment by UofSC musicians. 

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