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To improve your playing and get help with your etude, consider attending the upcoming SC Double Reed Day with Dr. Nagel on Saturday, December 1.  Information and details coming soon!

Junior Oboe: Audition Solo 1A, Grazioso

  • The marking "cantabile" means singing – so imagine you are singing when you play the solo.
  • Pay attention to dynamics and articulations.  Be sure mf is louder than mp, and f is the loudest of them all.
  • Follow the ups and downs of the melody to make an interesting musical line.
  • The E-flat in mm. 11 is a non-harmonic note in G major.  That makes it especially interesting, so emphasize it with sound and vibrato.
  • The staccato quarter notes should be longer than the staccato eighth notes.

Clinic Oboe: Audition Solo 2A, Andantino cantabile

  • The marking "cantabile" means singing – so imagine you are singing when playing the solo.
  • Pay particular attention to rhythm and subdivision of the beat; be sure you feel clearly the difference between the 8th, triplet and 16th notes.  Practice with a metronome!
  • The 6/8 section that starts in m. 9 should sound sprightly and light.
  • Use vibrato and a slight lengthening of the notes to bring out the tenuto markings in measures 4, 32 and 33. 
  • You will need to use either the forked or left F (if your oboe has that key) in a number of places:  measures 3, 10, 34 (ending a), and 36 (ending b).

Senior Oboe: Audition Solo 3A, Andante appassionato

  • Start piano, and follow the contour of the line for melodic shape; in other words, get a little louder as the line goes up and softer as it goes down.
  • Accelerate noticeably in measure 9, and keep the dynamic strong through measures 11 and 12.
  • Giocoso means playful, so play with that in mind starting in measure 14.  Pay lots of attention to the dynamic changes and accents.
  • In the b ending, the eighth note value stays the same throughout. Start the 5/8 section in exactly the same tempo, and then get faster.

Download these performance notes [PDF].

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