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College of Engineering and Computing

Computer Science and Engineering

Minor in Computer Science

Computing is pervasive in society. A minor in Computer Science allows you to apply computing to problems arising in your major discipline. Because of the diversity of computing applications, recommendations for advanced courses are grouped into areas of emphasis.

Why Minor in Computer Science?

Any student in any major at USC can choose to minor in Computer Science. This minor will make you a competent software developer. You will be able to write small programs, web pages, spreadsheet macros, and understand the Internet and the Web at a deeper level. A solid background in programming is valued in many careers. Almost all professional jobs require the manipulation and analysis of data, which requires the ability to understand and program computers.

Furthermore, our Computer Science minor can be customized to your match your preferences. Our department offers classes that will let you tailor your Computer Science minor so you will be qualified to work as a:

  • Web Developer
  • Web Designer
  • Database Administrator
  • Mobile Developer
  • Video Games Designer
  • Data Mining, Data Analytics Expert
  • Network Manager
  • CyberSecurity Expert
  • Scientific Computing Developer
  • Bioinformatics Expert
  • Robot Programmer, Robotics Expert
  • and many more

If interested, ask your academic advisor about the Computer Science minor after you join USC.

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