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College of Engineering and Computing

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Civil and Environmental Engineering

Our Research

Civil engineers focus their research into everything around us. They plan, design, build, and operate the infrastructure of modern society. Think about the roads we drive on, the buildings we live and work in, the mass transit systems we utilize. Civil engineers worked together to create these things in an efficient manner along with the water supplies, waste removal and treatment, and the materials they were built from. 

Centers and Research Groups

Structural Dynamics and Intelligent Infrastructure

We create a better standard of living through research in intelligent infrastructure such as identifying damage in infrastructure, increase the resilience of buildings to natural and man made disasters, and reducing the cost of health care by developing new techniques for human monitoring. 

Green Waste Management

The Berge Laboratory is actively exploring research directed towards improving the current waste stream treatment/management paradigm.  Specific research objectives include: (1) improving our understanding of how physical, chemical, and biological processes can be manipulated to promote sustainable waste treatment techniques that lead to carbon sequestration, energy generation, and/or value-added product production, (2) developing and initiating new waste treatment/management protocols that provoke transformations in the current waste treatment/management paradigm, and (3) dissemination of research results through both traditional and non-traditional techniques. Specific areas of exploration include: the fate of disposed nanomaterials, pharmaceuticals, personal care products and endocrine disrupting compounds in bioreactor landfills; thermochemical conversion of municipal solid waste; increasing the energy yield from waste streams; resource recovery from waste streams; leachate treatment processes; and the development and subsequent evaluation of innovative groundwater remediation technologies.

Advanced Railroad Technology Group

The Advanced Railroad Technology Group is a nucleus of excellence in Railway Engineering that supports the railroad industry and promotes freight, passenger and High Speed Rail in SC and the USA.  It was established in August 2011 by Dr. Dimitris Rizos in the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) at the University of South Carolina, as the realization of the department strategic planning to develop focal areas that serve targeted industries.