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College of Engineering and Computing

Chemical Engineering

Our People

We develop high quality chemical engineers by continuously improving our undergraduate and
graduate programs. We conduct world class research and innovative teaching, provide an environment for professional development, and are an effective resource for industry, government, and academia.


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John Weidner

Chair of the Department of Chemical Engineering Campaign for Excellence Professor Research interests include electrochemcial power sources, mathematical modeling, and electrocatalysis.

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Francis Gadala-Maria

Rresearch interests include the rheology of suspensions, polymer processing, and composite materials.

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Edward Gatzke

Research interests include process control, estimation and diagnosis, dynamic modeling and optimization.

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Joseph Gibbons

Awarded the Order of the Palmetto and Distinguished Professor Emeritus, his research interests include heat transfer and fluid flow.

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R. Michael Gower

Research interests include immunoengineering, biomaterials, and gene and protein delivery.

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Andreas Heyden

Research interests include nanomaterials, catalysis, computational chemistry, and multiscale modeling

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Esmaiel Jabbari

Research interests include tissue engineering, biomimetic materials, bioinspired nanocomposites, peptide-mediated drug delivery.

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Ehsan Jabbarzadeh

Research interests include cell and tissue engineering, bio-MEMs and microfluidics, non-viral gene delivery, and nano-biotechnology.

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Jochen Lauterbach

A CoEE Endowed Chair of the Strategic Approaches to the Generation of Electricity, his research interests include catalysis, storage and reduction technology, and hydrogen storage.

Cheng Liu

Chang Liu

Dr. Liu’s research group is interested in biosensor development and biomarker discovery using nanomaterials, with a focus on their clinical applications on in vitro diagnostics, point-of-care tests, and liquid biopsy for cancer and infectious diseases.

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Michael Matthews

Senior Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Education   Research interests include supercritical fluids, ionic liquids, green chemical engineering, and research based learning.

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John Monnier

Research interests include heterogeneous catalysis, bimetallic catalyst synthesis, and reaction kinetics. 

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Melissa Moss

The Director of Biomedical Engineering   Research interests include protein self assembly, Alzheimer's Disease inhibition, and biophysical techniques. 

William Mustain

William Mustain

Research interests include:  Electrochemistry, catalysis, materials design, surface chemistry, energy conversion and storage, and electrochemical synthesis.

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Branko Popov

A Carolina Distinguished Professor and author of Corrosion Engineering, his research interests include electrochemical power sources, industrial metal finishing, and corrosion.

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John Regalbuto

A CoEE Endowed Chair in Renewalble Fuels, his research interests include catalysis preparation and characterization, adsorption theory, and reaction kinetics. 

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James Ritter

A L.M. Weisiger Professor of Engineering, Carolina Distinguished Professor, and Graduate Director of the department of Chemical Engineering, his research interests include hydrogen storage systems, targeted drug delivery, gas separation and purification.

Sanaz Sadati

Monirosadat (Sanaz) Sadati

Research includes the structure, dynamics, and self-assembly of soft materials, with an emphasis on anisotropic components capable of leading to new, tunable macroscopic properties.

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Erdem Sasmaz

Research interests include emissions control, catalysis, reaction kinetics, and computational chemistry.  

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Thomas Stanford

A Professor Emeritus, his research interests include chemical process systems and advanced professional engineering education.

Nader Taheri-Qazvini

Nader Taheri-Qazvini

Research interests include Bio-nano hybrid and biomimetic materials, charge-driven self-assembly, structure-dynamics relations in polymer networks, hydrogels, soft glassy materials and living cells, microfabrication and 3D Bioprinting and tissue engineering, and collective cell migration

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Mark Uline

Research interests include biological interfaces, statistical mechanics, and thermodynamics of simple and complex fluids.

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Vincent Van Brunt

A Distinguished Professor Emeritus, his research interests include separations modeling and chemistry, filtration, and extraction chemistry.

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Ralph White

A Westinghouse Distinguished Scientist, his research interests include fuel cells, batteries, electrodeposition, corrosion, and numerical methods.

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Christopher Williams

The Undergraduate Director of Chemical Engineering   Research interests include heterogeneous catalysis, surface science, catalyst design, and in-situ vibrational spectroscopy.




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